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Lindsay Lohan, the Olsen twins, the cast of O. C and the cast of MTV's Laguna beach. What do these girls have in common?

Well, all of them have been photographed wearing their designer Gucci sunglasses.

What exactly makes these sunglasses a staple in our stars’ wardrobe? Apart from its exclusivity (read: you have to be really rich to afford a pair of those sunglasses, or be mighty thrifty to save up for a pair) every Gucci pair exudes style, class and grandeur.

Gucci sunglasses immediately conjures up images of trendy styles that look good and work even better. But if you're expecting the ordinary, you probably don't want to stop here. Gucci sunglasses are favorites of many, from the stars to the ordinary people who simply want a great pair of sunglasses.

So what kinds of fashions can you expect from Gucci sun glasses, and where do you find them? The answer to the latter question is easy. Gucci sun glasses are available from hundreds of retailers. Just remember before you buy that you're looking for genuine Gucci quality and you should verify that you aren't buying an imitation or a “Gucci look-alike. "

When considering the myriad of fashion choices available for sunglasses, Gucci sunglasses takes many of those even one step further. Whether you're a fan of wrap-around styles or just enjoy different color choices, Gucci has something for you. If you like to see the world in pink, you'll find several options in the line of Gucci sunglasses. If you prefer blue, you'll find those too.

The only things you're not going to find in the Gucci sunglasses line of products are the ordinary. Gucci has made a name for itself with trendy clothing at the cutting edge of fashion and Gucci sunglasses fit right into that line. The sunglasses manufactured by Gucci are an important part of the fashion statement sought by many. For most shoppers, choosing only one pair will be the biggest challenge of shopping for Gucci sunglasses.

For some people, sunglasses are merely a convenience. They're nice to have when you're facing the sun in your car or looking across water from your boat. But for some, sunglasses are a vital part of their attire. Those people demand quality performance and looks from their sunglasses. And Gucci sunglasses provide the answer.

Gucci sunglasses are the ultimate in cool sophistication. Gucci uses dark lenses and frames for classic styling that is still very functional both indoors and outdoors.

Gucci designer sunglasses are as stylish as the many Gucci fashion lines. These sunglasses coordinate with them, too. Branded with the distinctive “G" of the Gucci line, this eyewear is always beautiful and trendy at the same time. Hollywood stars have worn Gucci sunglasses for years because of their style and quality. All Gucci designer sunglasses are made in Italy with high-quality materials. They may have a long history with Gucci name, but they are always contemporary and high-style for any kind of outdoor activity. Gucci designer sunglasses are the perfect choice if you want classic, high-quality good looks and style that will never go out of style.

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