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All through history one thing has never changed and that is in any given century, fashion has been of great importance to us. It changes over time and often comes back in style many times over. But why is fashion so important to us? We go to such great lengths to look just right. Lets face it; we are judged by how we look. That may sound shallow but it is true. Just go out anywhere and really start looking at people. Observe your own reaction and thoughts when you see how people dress and carry themselves.

Some people are born lucky with great genes. Others need a little help. In either case we can all enhance our look through clothing, makeup, jewelry and personal hygiene.

Before you shop lets take a look at what you can do to improve your overall look.

1) Look at your hairstyle. Does it really suit you? Is the color right? The right haircut and color can make more of a difference than you may realize. Shop for a good hairdresser.

2) Makeup can change your look from ordinary to amazing, but take note; you’ll want to buy products that are natural. Our environment is polluted enough and we don’t need to add to it by putting chemical products on our skin that can make us break out.

3) Before you go shopping for clothes, stand in front of a mirror and look at your body. Decide what you like about it and what you don’t. What you like about it you’ll want to enhance. Don’t be shy to promote your best body features. There are things you can do to put less attention on what you don’t like such as if your thighs are wider than your shoulders, don’t wear tight clothing. You’ll only draw attention there. Also don’t wear loose fitting tops because it will only give you an overall appearance of being big. It’s all about balancing your figure. You’ve probably observed young girls in the mall with low cut jeans. Some of them pull it off well but when you see belly hanging over it, it’s not a good look as that is all you really see. Also wear clothes that are age appropriate. I’ve seen very young girls and very old women dressed in sexy outfits. It does not come off right and generally meets with a thought of instant disapproval. Also, very important, wear colors that suit you. If you don’t know then get a friend to go with you and hold up colors to your face and see what looks best.

4) Shop for accessories such as a purse that compliments your shoes. You can also make quite a statement by doing something simple like pulling your hair back and putting long dangling earrings and no other jewelry.

In short, know before you go. Understand your body and shopping will easier. You will look better. Remember, people are unconsciously judging you by your appearance. It’s human nature.

Willie Jones

Willie is a freelance writer, researcher, floral designer, and artist. Thanks very much for reading this far. Please come and visit us at: for an inspirational poster or two

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