How To Choose The Perfect Necklace - One that Makes You Look Your Sexiest


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That necklace you wear can make or break the outfit. Of all the jewelry pieces you might choose, your necklace can make the greatest impact on the overall look.

Take a simple black cocktail dress for example. On its own, is almost like a uniform. You could disappear into the crowd if you are not careful.

Now add on a lariat. A stunning necklace that draws attention. Better yet, if you have the height for it, put on a pearl rope, or a gorgeous necklace that is 37 inches or longer. A really long necklace that makes a grand statement.

Choosing that perfect necklace is all about what suits you. Your height. Your build. Your neck. The outfit you are going to wear.

The right choice makes the overall look simply gorgeous.

Let's start with the neckline of the outfit. You want the focal part of the necklace to be either against your skin or contrasted against the fabric of your outfit.

The last thing you want is a necklace that is partially hidden in your neckline. That would spoil the overall look. If the pendant plays peekaboo in the neckline, then shorten the chain. Or put that pendant in either a shorter chain, so it sits confidently above your neckline, or go for a much longer necklace that would contrast beautifully against the fabric of your outfit.

Next, look at your neck.

Do you have a long slender neck? If you do, collars or chokers are for you. These ultra short necklaces bring out the beauty of your long slender neck.

If you have a short neck, then make it look longer by wearing a either a long necklace or a lariat . The long vertical line of a long necklace makes your neck look longer. The lariat, with the 2 dangling ends gives the illusion of length. These necklaces also have an overall slimming visual effect on your entire look.

Finally, look at your overall build. If you are petite, go for daintier pieces. If you have a larger build, go for something chunkier. Your necklace should be in proportion to your body.

Once you have evaluated yourself, pick a selection of necklaces that flatter your body, in colors that match your outfits. A few signature pieces are all you need.

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