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Seven Jeans is an eminent brand in the garment industry. Its manufactured jeans are not just attractive but also extremely durable. The soft and smooth fabric of the jeans allows one to wear it anytime and anywhere. However the comfort that Seven Jeans provides is not just confined to wearing it out but also in handling and keeping it. For instance in comparison to other jeans it is much easier to clean seven jeans and iron it. Seven Jeans can be washed at home in almost 10-15 minutes! Similarly ironing your Seven Jeans is also quite simple and hassle free. This article brings for you some ironing tips for your Seven Jeans.

  • Seven Jeans offers an immensely fine fabric that seldom gets wrinkled. Yet after washing and continuous wearing most people prefer to iron their jeans. So the first thing you require in this area is to get a good iron.

  • Set the temperature of the iron according to the kind of fabric your jeans is carved of. In any case always avoid too high and too low temperature.

  • Before you put your Seven Jeans for ironing make sure that it is not too wet. If your jeans is holding lot of water, ironing it cannot just be harmful for the color and the cloth itself, there are chances of your iron getting spoiled. Moreover it can also deteriorate the fit of your jeans. But you may proceed if there is some moisture in your jeans. A little moisture acts as catalyst in ironing the jeans and any other cloth as well.

  • Don’t be in the notion that ironing the Seven Jeans upside down will be a plus point or you will lose the color and the design of the jeans by doing it the other way. This is because of two reasons. Firstly, the fabric of this jeans is of such a good standard that it never loses its texture. It will retain it in any case. Secondly once you do the jeans upside down and then iron it, you will lose the ironed fineness on swapping it back to the right side.

  • Always iron your jeans with a gentle hand. Do not press it hard in any case. For as I mentioned above the fabric in itself does not require ironing per se. But people tend to do it for their satisfaction.

  • Follow the curls and curves of the jeans i. e. do not try to alter any already made cut and fashion of the jeans. You will not only be wasting your time, energy and electricity in it but it can be fatal for your garment too.

  • Ironing the jeans daily is not required. You can iron it weekly.

  • Once your Seven jeans is ironed nicely and to your satisfaction, hang it properly.

    Ironing Seven Jeans is straight forward, all you need to do is to be a little cautious for your cherished and of course a coveted garment.

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