What Colour Part 7: Indigo


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The blue black of the night sky leaves indigo with a feeling of other-worldly spirituality. Not light-hearted spirituality, but that of a sombre sort. Indigo is the colour of Saturn, the darkest, most serious of all the planets. Saturn adds to the stoic nature of indigo. Indigo lends intense focus and concentration, but too much can lead to tunnel vision and cold-heartedness.

Indigo, is of course famous for the dye with the same name. In medieval times, India ink would be poured into the hand of a seer to divine the future. She would stare into the indigo pool until images began to make themselves clear.

I bet she had a nasty stain on her hand though. If you want to try this, use a bowl. If you happen to be a clairvoyant, indigo would be a good choice for the room in which you practice.

Indigo is the colour associated with the brow chakra, the seat of intuition. Indigo can help us to turn inward and understand the mysteries of life. It can also help to assimilate and work through dark knowledge and bad feelings. Just be sure to follow up with a more cheerful colour so you can come out with the sun shining!

Indigo is calming for the nerves. Because it is a sedative colour, indigo makes a great choice for bedroom walls. Unless you use the bedroom for activities other than sleeping - too much indigo can cause depression. Indigo has a balancing effect on fear and can help us come to terms with it. It creates a stillness and peace of mind.

Indigo urges us to be completely selfless. Service of others is a major theme, as are truth, justice and freedom. Indigo is also the colour of fidelity - just be careful that devotion doesn’t turn into obsession!

Be very careful using indigo. It’s a powerful colour and can create more harm than good if not regulated properly. Small touches in the home and accessories in your clothing are plenty.

Ivy Mills has been researching chemical sensitivity and natural alternatives for over five years and has brought her knowledge to the marketplace in her company, Valhalla Essences . Her personal experiences have fed a passion to help others with the same problem. Ivy welcomes others to share their stories and experiences on her blog, Peaceful Power .


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