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A T-shirt is no more seen as a simple article of dress. It is seen as a statement. It has changed in design, concept and layout in a big way in the past decades. This change is most apparent when you look at an American Horror Story T-shirt. It is unique in conception in that even while retaining the usual pattern its appearance has changed with all types of esoteric slogans, quotations and motifs printed on them.

It is true that the basic design of having a tube cut torso, seamless weaving and half sleeves still make the overall design and cut of these t-shirts, the addition of cryptic printing of all kinds of images has made these highly popular as exclusive American merchandise. A distinct twist to these shirts has been given by using images typically appealing and attractive to the American psyche.

A T-shirt had a roundish crew-cut neck design and simple tube like torso when it was initially offered as a piece of vest to sailors by the American Navy in 19th century. It was an under shirt to be worn below the uniform. The purpose was to provide the marines and sailors with soft covering of upper torso in hot climes where formal uniform was exempted.

Later this apparel came into vogue as a casual wear with unisex design. People began wearing T-shirts as an informal wear when a dress code was not fixed. Some changes came in the design also. The neck began to have a collar and open front and a V-neck also. Hoodies also came into vogue with the popularity of the T-shirt in cold climes. Thus came the final shape of T-shirts as these are available today. The big change came in the form of front printing of these shirts. It was a change less in the design and more in the intent.

People now began wearing T-shirts with full quotes printed on the chest and backs. This trend brought immense possibilities. Even though the design remains the same a print makes the T-shirt very different from a normal one. The images of witches, Halloween figures, Dracula and his retinue of demons, quotations declaring intent to kill, blood stained lips, mouth and figures and mutilated torsos came to occupy a prominent place on T-shirts. Some of these occultist prints bear words like Freak, Twisted Clown, Countess Awaits You, Asylum In Woods and slogans like- This Won’t Hurt A Bit, Fault In Our Stars, Green Lantern, Hello Kitty and the like. One can find a T-shirt with names of almost every popular American movie.

These prints have exclusivity by way of providing funny quotes as well to create a funny T-shirt. Good Girls Go To Heaven-Bad Girls Go Everywhere; All Men Are Idiots; I Can Give Headache To An Aspirin; Student+Dying=Studying; I am Not Lazy-I Am Just On Energy Saving Mode; I Was Born Intelligent-Education Ruined Me are some of the examples to be found printed at the front of a funny T-shirt.

You can buy online at bargain rates both American Horror Story T-shirt and funny t-shirt now.


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