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Money Clip Card Holders Or Wallet?

Robert Fogarty

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Back in the day, men did not have the cool wallets they do not, and ended up just carrying around loose money and their identification in their pants. When money clips came out, men then had something more stylish then just a pocket full of bills, and these days, men have the option of using a money clip card holder so they could not only hold cash, but also their driver’s license, photos, and credit cards, which many men prefer instead of having to deal with a wallet that can be too much to carry and expensive to buy.

Reasons Why Card Holders Are Better than Wallets

Men know what they like, much like women do, and if they do decide to buy a money clip card holder, they are going to need to see that there are a lot of benefits to owning one of these. A card holder can be exactly what a man needs to take with him every day, and here are some of the biggest reasons why men are clamoring for these card holders:

• A more affordable option: Wallets of the best quality are made of leather, but the problem is that leather can be expensive. If men do find a great wallet that they really like, the price tag can be hard to swallow. There is an old saying about high price meaning high quality, and with leather, that truly is the case. However, with a money clip card holder, men are not going to spend a lot of money, and they are going to save so much they may own more than one card holder that they take with them to various places like work, play, and vacation.

• A hip and trendy way to carry money: These days, men can be very picky about what they carry, just like women can about the kind of purse they carry. A card holder is all the rave these days, and men who want to be going with the current style are going to choose something that is going to be considered hip and trendy.

• A variety of styles and colors to choose from: Wallets are nice, but with the leather, there are limits to how the wallet is going to look. With a card holder, they literally come in different styles, colors, and even the materials. If men want to carry a metal card holder there are some available, and if men do want a leather card holder they can get it. Men love to carry something they can be proud of even if it is just something for their money and credit cards.

A long time ago, men had their pants pockets full of cash, but now they have something called a money clip card holder , and with one of these, men can keep their money and credit cards nice and neat. A card holder can come in a lot of different colors, and made pretty much out of any material that a man can want, and they will be carrying something hip, trendy, and very cool.


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