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Jagua Tattoo - Behind The Jagua Tattoo

Robert Fogarty

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here's far more to tattoos than what you're familiar with seeing nowadays. In fact, more people are seeking other ways to get tattoos without having to rely on modern tattooing conveniences. Many of these same people are looking for the benefits of getting a great tattoo without having to worry about having that same tattoo permanents etched onto their skin.

Many traditional tattooing methods are making a comeback in modern society and have never left the consciousness of where they originate. The jagua tattoo is one of those tattoos that traditionally stay on the skin temporarily; despite its short lifespan, the jagua tattoo is a tattoo that's perfect for people that want a meaningful temporary tattoo design.

Behind the jagua tattoo

The jagua tattoo is known as a type of temporary tattoo design that's created with jagua gel. The gel used to create jagua tattoos is made using the extract of the edible jagua fruit, in addition to other natural ingredients. This tattooing gel has been used by the indigenous people of the Amazon for centuries for body decorations, whether for traditional ceremonies or other personal ornamentation.

The jagua tattoo gel is applied to the skin through a metal tip that's attached to a plastic bottle that holds the gel itself. During the application process, light even pressure gets applied to the applicator bottle, allowing the design to slightly penetrate the skin as the gel comes out through the metal tip.

When the design is finished, the gel is left to dry on the skin for about 2 to 3 hours. The design then gets washed off with warm water after it dries. While that sounds a little questionable to people wondering about how the designs ‘stays on, ’ this actually washes off the excessive jagua gel.

After you wash off the extra jagua tattoo, the tattoo will look light gray; after about a few hours, the color will start to deepen, often reaching its darkest stain in a mere 48 to 72 hours.

Getting a jagua tattoo

The best part about the jagua tattoo is that you don't need a complicated kit to replicate the aforementioned process. There are many home jagua kits that you can use to create your own jagua tattoos at home. While you will need someone else to help you apply the tattoo gel, it's still a rather simple way to get your own jagua tattoo.

As mentioned, you can use a home jagua tattoo kit to apply your own jagua tattoo. Though, there's an increasing amount of people out there are that are getting a jagua tattoo from the ‘comforts’ of a jagua tattoo parlor.

You'll most likely find a jagua tattoo parlor in tourist areas, such as amusement parks and beaches. In some places, hair salons have tattooing services that provide both jagua tattoos and henna tattoos. You can also check to see if any tattoo shops in your area also do jagua tattoos.

If you don't have the option to visit a shop to get jagua tattoos, you can always use jagua kits to take care of that. A lot of online stores that sell traditional tattooing supplies often have jagua kits that you can buy. Many jagua tattoo kits are known to include ready-to-use jagua tattoo gel, stencils, applicator bottles and metal application tips to create many different designs.


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