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Top 5 factors to look at while purchasing Oakley glasses!


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Oakley glasses are commonly known for their price. Some people consider these glasses to be very expensive. Yet, when you consider the quality and efficiency, these are never highly priced. Though there are numerous models of glasses available on the market, Oakley are the most moving ones. There are various factors that make these glasses outstanding when compared to other companies. Quality, finish, design, vibrant models and ease of availability are the main factors that makes these glasses most opted for. As these are highly preferred, you can easily find these glasses in most of the optical stores.

With the increase in demand for Oakley glasses, there has been great increase in the number of knock off glasses as well. There are people who aren’t aware of unique Oakley qualities and symbols that easily help them in separating the original from fake ones. Are you too unaware of uniqueness in Oakley glasses? Then you need to be very cautious. There are numerous hustlers present on the market who make money by vending fake Oakley glasses. Make sure you don’t fall in the trap of such frauds. Once you get to know the factors that you need to look at while purchasing these glasses, you will be able to purchase the original pair of Oakley glasses. Just as you browse down, you will learn the facts to help you in recognizing original glasses.


All Oakley glasses come in a box with documentation inside it. When you purchase Oakley, ensure that the box has documentation in it. If there isn’t any such documentation inside the box, step back from purchasing those glasses as they are fake ones.

Fake stickers of authenticity

If you find a sticker of Oakley on the glasses, then for sure those are fake ones. Original Oakley glasses do not have stickers on them. Frauds make use of fake stickers in order to make people believe that the pair of glasses is the original Oakley glasses. So, make sure there aren’t any such stickers on the glasses that you purchase.


Once you clearly examine the lenses, you can find Oakley letters etched on the lens. Only etched ones are the original Oakley glasses. Any other form of indication on the lenses proves the glasses to be knock off ones. So, look at the lenses, whether the letters are etched or printed.

The original ‘O’

The best and easiest way to differentiate original Oakley glasses from the fake ones is through the symbol ‘O’ on the frame. You just need to run your fingers through the frame of the glasses to find the ‘O’ etched on the frame. This ‘O’ will be etched with a different material from the one used for manufacturing the frame. Thus you can easily differentiate the original Oakley glasses.

Warranty card

When you purchase Oakley glasses (Køb billige Oakley solbriller is the Danish term) make sure that they come along with a warranty card. The serial number on the warranty card needs to be a match with the one etched on the right arm of the glasses. If you don’t get the warranty card or if the serial numbers are different, then never buy that pair of glasses. So, do consider these tips while purchasing Oakley glasses


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