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How To Cover Up Bruises Or Stubble With Opaque Stockings


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Smooth and flawless legs are easy to get with opaque stockings. Any flaw or damage to the leg draws too much attention to it. This is why many women do everything they can to keep it hidden.

Flaws, whether they are bruises, or razor burn, can show through hosiery. Sheer and semi sheer hose typically allow the flaws to show through. This can sometimes highlight the area, making it stand out more.

Mask Stubble With A Pair Of Opaque Stockings

Leg stubble begins to form as fast as a day after shaving. The amount of stubble often depends on the person and removal method. Razor shaving often has stubble that day, especially if hairs are missed.

Stubble may also form while waiting between having legs waxed. Many women have to go at least a few days between waxing them again. In the meantime, the legs need to be covered up to hide the hair.

A pair of opaques can be the perfect choice to hide the stubble. They often make the legs look smoother, which masks the hair. This is perfect for anyone who prefers to use waxes or creams instead.

Hide Bruises And Bumps With An Opaque Stocking

A bad bruise can put a damper on almost any woman's day. Bruises often appear on the legs after bumping into an object. This is common for busy moms, as well as those who work in an office.

While some brush them off and ignore them, others may not be able to. They may look for ways to cover up the bruises and hide them till they heal. This may include makeup, self tanners or a pair of stockings opaque.

Makeup is often the easiest choice, as many women have some handy. A bit of foundation can be applied to help make the bruise blend in. However, it has its own set of issues that are important to keep in mind.

Applying makeup does not always guarantee that it will stay covered. Makeup may smudge off, especially if the legs are exposed all day. This can quickly expose the bruise or bump, as the makeup wears off.

Self tanners are used for a more thorough level of cover up. These are used to make the legs appear a bit darker and more even. This is ideal for very bad bruises, but is not ideal for every woman.

A more reliable way to keep the legs covered is to use hosiery. A good stocking opaque can help to cover up any imperfection. This includes stubble, razor bumps and even the worst bruises.

The dense stocking can be put on whenever it is needed. It can be worn for daily for a few days, or for an entire week. This makes it easier to get coverage at any point without effort.

Always Put The Best Foot Forward In An Opaque Stocking

An opaque stocking makes it easy to always put the best foot forward. They are perfect for any type of flaws, and can be a woman's best friend. With them, many women feel more confident when they go out.

Feeling more confident can put a spring in anyone's step. It can lead to feeling less insecure or worried about the legs. For many, this provides a breath of relief when going anywhere.

A good pair of opaques can be worn with any outfit, day or night. All that is needed is to find an appropriate color for the outfit. To do this, many have a variety of opaque stockings to have more options.


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