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Blanket Box - A Humble Chest For The Home


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Today, even among the various types of storage mediums, the basket box is still quite popular. These were even commonly used in the ages past for both storage and transporting belongings between locations. However, these boxes are no longer used for transport so much as for storing old belongings in one's house. Some of these chests are even known to date so far back that often family members consider them t be a form of heirloom. One of these chests come in the form of a hope chest. Hope chests are usually passed down in families as a form of tradition in certain circles where mothers would hand down these chests to their daughters in an important events in their lives such as marriage or moving out.

These chests have also been known to have been made all sorts of materials such as oak veneers and wood. When made out of wood, these chests are known to be quite durable while looking quite pleasant to the eye. Sometimes, chests made of this material even last for several lifetimes at a time if handled carefully. There are also numerous individuals out there today that will be more than happy to pay a small fortune to add an antique wooden chest to their collection. One case in particular saw a wooden chest that dates back several centuries and preserved particularly well was able to fetch several thousands dollars. Of course, there are much more reasonably priced chests when it comes to storage chests.

Also, one can see storage chests of this kind made from a large number of materials such as cedar, oak, walnut and pine. These species of woods are particularly popular as chests made from these woods are extremely durable and tend to last better. Apart from that, these woods are also known to have a pleasant scent about them while also able to keep insects away. In other words, even without insect repellants of any kind, it is less likely to be damaged by insects. These chests can also be quite versatile in their functions where different types of designs can make each type of chest differ such as some of the following examples. While being able to be used to store all manner of items, once the lid is closed, these chests can be used as seats.

A popular use of these chests is in the bedroom where not only can one use them for the seat of the bedroom desk or table but also to store almost anything. Shorter chests are also quite ideal as bed stands especially if they come built-in with drawers while also being quite ideal for storing everything from linens to pillows to extra sheets. These chests with built in drawers can also be great for use in the kitchen for storing cutlery, china and even crockery. They are also great for giving one's living room a tidier look by storing the books, magazines, shoes and all other types of clutter in these chests. Apart from storing all these items, a chest with drawers can also be used as a stand for the television while also able to store the DVDs and Cds. As such, these storage chests can also be used as a stand for practically anything one wishes to display in their living rooms. These chests can also make great coffee tables or even telephone tables as long as they are tall enough.

As such, the blanket box is some of the most versatile storage mediums available. It is also quite common for these chests to be placed in the bathroom to store everything from extra towels to guest toiletries. The pine blanket box is also great for men to keep their gardening tools or even carpentry tools instead of letting them clutter up one's garage or work shed. Despite the fact that most wooden blanket box varieties made today are mass produced, it is still possible to find handmade wooden chests. However, keep in mind that it takes a certain amount of skill to make a good chest out of more solid materials. To make their work of art even more unique, some artisans will even go as far as to design these chests with carved wood patterns. Depending on how well these handmade chests turn out, it will be more likely for the chest in question to be passed down as a family heirloom. Of course, regardless of how the chest turns out, the intrinsic value of these chests alone will make it something to treasure.

blanket box a humble chest for the home

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