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Wearing Sun Protection Clothing


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Screams of agony and tears shed by a child from relentless burning skin. Blisters full of pus ready to burst underneath the skin of an adult. These are the consequences of not wearing sun protection clothing or not using any sun protection at all. People end up sick, and more, from harsh sunburn.

Be that as it may, the sun is a vitamin D boost to everyone. That time out in the direct sunshine will give one his dose of D for the day. This prevents Rickets, a vitamin D deficiency, and can make one feel great but too much exposure can cause harm.

Furthermore, sunshine includes beams of unseen ultraviolet radiation (UV). Unfortunately, if one is over exposed to the rays, this promotes damage to the skin, sped up skin aging and skin cancer.

More often than not, companies are producing outdoor apparel with a UPF grading. All materials break up UV radiation to some extent, but garments that do the finest job contain an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UVF) value. The evaluations go from good at 15 up to excellent, which is 50 or more.

Those people who have a fair skin colour, youngsters, and those folks exposed to reflective surfaces need more sun protective cover with higher UPF ratings. UPF-rated sun protection clothing heighten all people's protective cover against UV-related health hazards.

Skincare experts think that sun protective clothing screens out more UV light than sunscreen. Lotions are usually not applied as heavily as needed and many sun bathers never reapply it. So this means one is not getting the full SPF rating needed to be safe in the sun.

Having said all that, skin cancer is a common cancer around the world. with nearly all cases being related to over exposure of UV radiation. Wearing sun protective clothing can help prevent many cases of cancer from the sun.

Polyester interrupts UV illumination first rate, making it the best fabric to wear in the sunlight. Nylon, woolen and silk are fairly protective. Cotton, rayon, flax and hemp are not too great unless they have an added treatment. Wearing sun protection clothing is the easiest way to protect the skin from sun damage. One may have sun protection from his regular clothes, but wearing sun protected clothing means assured protection from the harsh sun.

As Australia's leading manufacturer in sun protection clothing , Stingray provides a wide range of womens swimwear, mens swimwear and kids swimwear, including stinger suits, rash shirts and more.


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