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Spotting the Imposters - How to Identify Fake UGGs


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UGG boots and shoes are incredibly comfortable. They keep your feet nice and warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The soft wool interior cradles your foot in comfort. Who wouldn't want a pair? Well, that's exactly what a number of imposter manufacturers are counting on. There are many companies that are making fake UGGs and trying to pass them off as the real thing.

The very characteristics that make the real UGGs feel so good are the same characteristics that make the fake UGGs feel so bad. What exactly is it that separates to true UGGs from the imposters? There are several characteristics that make it easy to spot a fake UGG:

Merino Sheepskin

Real UGG boots and shoes are made from Merino sheepskin which is one of the softest, yet strongest and most durable sheepskins available. The wool from Merino sheep is incredibly dense and provides amazing cushioning qualities, as well as wicking away moisture from the feet. Real UGG products use a double-faced sheepskin - the wool nestles your feet on the outside, while the durable hide is the soft outer layer.

What do the imposters use? It varies, but many of the imposters use cowhide or pig skin and glue a layer of inferior wool to the skin or even synthetic materials. Not only will the wool or synthetic material wear away in spots, but the skin doesn't release moisture, isn't as durable and flexible as sheepskin, and tends to fall apart. If you look closely at the exterior of a fake boot and spot tiny holes in the skin, that's a good indication that this is an imposter and is made from pigskin. The color of the interior “wool" is often more grey than the buttery white we expect from real wool.

Sole of the Boot

Take a look at the sole of the boots or shoes. Do they seem extremely rigid? Is it hard to bend the sole of the shoe? That's a good sign that you have fake UGGs. The real UGGs are made with highly flexible soles. You can easily bend the sole of a real UGGs - it bends with your foot as you walk, providing incredible comfort.

You'll also notice some differences with the shape of the sole. Fake UGGs have a narrower heel. The real UGGs use a larger heel that provides more support for the foot.


Most of us don't pay attention to the stitching on our shoes, but it's a great way to spot the fakes. Real UGG boots and shoes are made with care. You'll find that the stitching is the same color as the outer sheepskin. You have to look closely to even see the stitching. It's also very even and precise.

Fake UGGs often use contrasting colored threads against the sheepskin and the stitches are uneven, not straight, or frayed.

Real UGGs are a great investment that you can wear for years with little care. The imposters are certainly a rip-off. The shoes don't add the same quality, comfort, or even styling that we expect to see from real UGGs. Carefully examine UGGs to make sure you get the real deal, and you'll have boots that you love to wear.

Jennifer Gregory is a full time blogger and intrigued with all things fashion. She's in love with her Women's UGGS and has an easy to follow guide on cleaning UGG boots .


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