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Keep Your Office Attire Safe!


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In life, there are only three things that are truly inevitable - death, taxes, and office dress codes. Well, if there isn't much you can do about the first two, you might as well make the most out of last one with the style and panache that only urban professionals like you can pull off.

To start, you have to get yourself acquainted with your company's policy regarding office attire. Some companies would require the donning of uniforms. As unflattering as these generally are, you can still jazz up your office uniform somewhat to fit your discerning personal style while taking care not to overstep the boundaries set by those faceless people in the human resources department. This involves the use of accessories that are attractive, but not ostentatious.

If you're lucky enough to belong to a company that doesn't impose uniforms on its employees, then make the most out of it while still keeping to the office dress code. And if you're not sure exactly what the rules regarding office attire are, then it's a good idea to ask, or at least play it safe.

It Suits You

A suit is a must have for anyone with a corporate job. Of course, it doesn't necessarily mean that you have to wear it every day - unless you work in Wall Street or are in management, you don't have to. Your wardrobe should still include one, however, because a suit is the most appropriate office attire for important corporate meetings, interviews, or any occasion that requires you to make an impression. A smart suit, preferably in blue or black though any color would normally do, will provide you with that much-needed look and feel of professionalism.

It Looks Good on Hue

Colors are very much important when stocking up your wardrobe for your office attire. This applies not just to your suits, but to key pieces like tailored pants, skirts, and shirts.

You should keep bottom pieces like pants and skirts as basic as possible. Certain shades of black, tan, blue, and gray are ideal. This gives you the opportunity to be more imaginative on top. You don't have to wear boring office attire, so give your shirts and blouses a splash of color, or even some interesting prints. By paying close attention to your wardrobe's key pieces, you have the opportunity to mix and match, so you keep your workplace wear fresh and vibrant without having to spend more money than you have to.

Shoe, It's You

Your shoes are just as much a part of your office attire as the shirt you wear, or the skirt you put on. In fact, they contribute a lot to the success and failure of an outfit, so don't just pick any shoe just because you like how it looks, or even because it's designer. Pick a shoe that's not only going to complement your wardrobe, but also one that's going to be functional.

If you're going to be spending a lot of time on the go or on your feet, pick a pair that's comfortable because uncomfortable shoes will only slow you down considerably. Otherwise, you can afford to be a bit more frivolous. If you're on a budget, a pair in black or brown will be more flexible, so you can match it with different outfits.

Also, don't just wear shoes for the heck of it. Do give them a good clean, and keep them polished. Nothing is more off-putting than muddy, dirty, and dusty shoes.

Good Grooming and You

Remember that the lessons you learned in kindergarten still applies today - good grooming is of the essence. Your office attire counts for nothing if you show up to work looking like a scruffy street derelict, or something that the cat unceremoniously dragged in.

Pay close attention to your hair. Keep it well-trimmed and coiffed. This doesn't mean you have to visit a salon every day, just that you run a brush through your hair regularly. For men, shave regularly - the scruffy look is no longer cute. For women, wear makeup at a minimum - looking like Casper the Happy Ghost isn't a good look.

When shopping for office attire, it's also a good idea to think ahead, especially if you live in a place where you experience several seasons in a year. Also, there's no need to shop for key items all at once. Shop at a pace that's good for you and your budget. With that said, you'll have an office wardrobe to die for!

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