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Buying Replica Sunglasses Over Original Name Brand Sunglasses

Kirk Bachelder

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If you want to look like your favorite celeb, or simply look like you own a designer pair of shades, you may consider buying a replica pair of sunglasses instead of the real thing because they are cheaper, and because to be honest, not many people are looking closely enough at the small details to ascertain rather yours are real or not. If you want to appear to be wearing designer sunglasses, unless you verbally make a big deal out of it, chances are you will never get called out on wearing the replica sunglasses. However, if you have a large mouth and will be bragging about them everywhere you go, you had better shell out the big dollars for the real thing.

As noted earlier, if you just want to look like you are toting the style of Ray Bans of other designer sunglasses, then buying the replicas are going to be much more cost effective and since most of the time your hair will cover the sides of the frames, and this is especially true for girls, people are not going to be able to see the logo on the side making it less evident that your sunglasses are replicas, and making it even less worth your hard earned money to pay for the real thing when the trademark is so small and easily hidden anyhow.

Also keep in mind, that sunglasses are probably the number one item you own that you are most likely to lose or break. People often leave their sunglasses behind on counters, bars, other peoples cars etc because they only have a limited use. Once inside a location or once it gets dark most people remove their sunglasses. Think about it, when you lose your sunglasses usually you are most angry because you really liked the style and are annoyed because you have to go out and purchase another pair now. How much more upset would you be if your replacement pair was going to run you somewhere in the thousands!

Add in the fact that sunglasses, regardless of if they are fake are the real thing are very easy to break and bend out of shape, and depending on how clumsy or absentminded you are, you may be more likely to have to replace them more often than you would like to be with your new designer frames because let's face it, almost everyone has sat on their sunglasses at some point in their lives. Given the fact that replica sunglasses are so easy to find on the streets of any major city or available at many vendors inside of malls, it seems absurd to spend a large amount of money on something that is so easily lost or damaged.

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