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Kids Croc Shoes - 6 Reasons My Kids Wear Crocs and Why I Let Them


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Kids croc shoes have been around for several years now. In 2002 they took the world by storm, and now you can see them on little feet in every country. They are specially ergonomically designed (like they do with space rockets) so that they are almost weightless, which means your child is not constrained by heavy clumpy shoes when taking their early steps.

After a while, the croc will change it's shape to support the little foot wearing it, which makes each pair of kids croc shoes unique to its wee owner. But there are loads more reasons why my kids choose to wear croc shoes (and why I let them).

  1. They come in an amazing array of bright child friendly funky colors, which means I can usually easily tempt mine into putting them on, and what's more keeping them on.
  2. You can put little stickers on them, ones that you get your kids to make at home (mine just put little sticky glittery stars on theirs, a very inexpensive alternative to buying charms for them). This makes them more interesting and appealing to the child, and they are less likely to take them off and throw them at passers by, whilst in their push chair.
  3. Use nail varnish with stencils (you can make the stencils yourself), to get them to design on them. Stars circles and other shapes are the easiest. You can also use any spare (waterbased paint) you have around.
  4. They are very light so make easy packing when travelling. With the baggage weight limits that most airlines have these days, that's a real plus.
  5. They are soft enough to wear in the house, keeping those little feet safe from bumping into furniture legs, stepping in the dog food bowl, (or worse) and cracking their toes off the side of doors.
  6. But the best thing of all is that they can easily be cleaned. I put them in the washing machine, with a tad of disinfectant (you should see what my ones get their feet into). They wash well and dry overnight, or quicker during the day in the open air.
I could go on and on, but I'm sure you see now why I choose kids crocs.

Now, a word about buying them. Because of their weight, they are ideal for buying on line, as they usually come with either free or very cheap delivery or shipping charges, and this is where you can get the best deals.

However beware, there are some ‘alternative’ crocs around, which may be cheaper, but often a bargain is not really what it seems. These ‘alternatives’ are not made from the same lightweight resin, and are often just cheap plastics.

They will not support the foot properly, and will probably start to smell during use. The real croc is almost indestructible, believe me, yes they have tried everything, I like to put it down to them being creative! So the authentic kids croc shoe will outperform in the long run.

Check out my website here to see loads of samples and varieties and where I get my families croc shoes. . Great deals, delivery and service. A safe place to buy:


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How Crocs Brand Shoes Show You Love
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