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Gucci Sunglasses - How To Select The Perfect Oversized Sunglasses For You


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If you have decided that oversized Gucci sunglasses are the look you want to be seen wearing during the sunny spring and summer months, the only thing now is to make sure you select the perfect style to compliment the shape of your face. If this usually causes a bit of a problem for you, then read on and you will find some helpful tips when making your choice of which sunglasses are right for you.

As we all know Italians are the epitome of chic and elegance so by choosing Gucci sunglasses you are already half way to achieving your desired look and improving your sleek and high class appearance. Many of the styles available are timeless yet still follow the latest trends, assuring you that you will always be on top in the fashion stakes and wearing the very best of quality sunglasses.

Gucci sunglasses, of course, are ideal for those who simply want to wear them for practical reasons too. There are no gender or age restrictions for the people who wear them and they are just as popular amongst men and women and the young and old alike.

Let's face it, what could be more glamorous than a pair of oversized Gucci sunglasses. Probably one of the most all time favorite brands in the world, Gucci boast many celebrity-worthy sunglasses styles this season and people like Lindsay Lohan, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sophia Loren, Jack Nicholson and John Wayne are just some of the well known names who have been spotted wearing Gucci sunglasses of late. They clearly adore their sunglasses whether for shading their eyes from the sun or for being simply placed on the top of their heads as a fashion statement.

And so to the shape of your face . . . . The Gucci Signature Horsebit Round Plastic Sunglasses are absolutely fabulous for those of you with a square or rectangular shaped face. This particular model is oversized, round shaped and made of plastic as the name would suggest, and sports a certain vintage appeal with the Gucci signature horsebit on the temple for that extra touch of flair. Deep oval frames should be avoided for this particular shape of face.

Moving on to the rounder face - the Gucci Oversized GG Logo Temple Round Sunglasses are the ideal for this shape of face. Jackie Onassis springs to mind immediately when thinking about these sunglasses which are the perfect luxury accessory with the acetate frames and stylish detailing on the temple area.

If your face is long and you have a strong chin you should avoid short, rectangular shaped frames. The frames of your sunglasses need to cover as much of the center of your face as possible as this will shorten the look of your face.

As a general rule of thumb, it is best to choose the opposite shape to your face when selecting your new sunglasses. However, the exception to this rule is that large oval frames usually look great on most face shapes so it is always worth checking out which design of sunglasses flatter the particular shape of your face.

When deciding on color, the overall look you want to create should be visually harmonized, suiting your complexion or the make up shades you wear. Black and tortoise shell are absolute classics and look super on most people.

When choosing your sunglasses for this season, remember, it is essential that your sunglasses help you to look stylish and well turned out as well as offering your eyes protection from the sun. So, this season opt for oversized Gucci sunglasses, and you are sure to look cool and a true and dedicated follower of fashion.

Gabriela Rupp is a successful internet marketer and publisher of
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She is a huge Italy Fan and provides expert advice and reviews of all the major italian brands and hidden gems from Italy. More valuable information on modern and traditional italian gifts for woman you find at Gucci Sunglasses .


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Promotional Sunglasses Perfect Accessory For a Bright Future
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