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Should Kids Wear Watches

Anyer Long

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I know it might be an odd question but I have to ask. Should kids wear watches? Different people that come from different backgrounds may have different answers. Watches, since their first introduction, have been defined as necessity of time devices and ornaments of trend and fashion. My point that kids should wear watches are based on the three aspects listed bellow.

Watches help kids to form a good habit. One of the most valued characters that can determine a person's credibility, personal influence is his promise keeping ability. And that character is especially reflected in the practice of keeping his time. A watch perfectly helps this by reminding its wearer the time at the ease of a simple glance. Keeping a wrist watch, one could probably never miss meetings or some other important arrangements. Human are the creature of habits. To form a good time keeping habit, one need to establish the principle from his childhood. I think put a watch around a kid's wrist is a not a bad idea to do. A watch serves not only mere time device but also a symbol of mindset to keep his time.

Watches help parents save money and concerns otherwise they will receive big figures phone bills and other issues caused. Years ago, few people had cell phone. Today, walk outside and it seems like everyone has a cell phone glued to their ears - including elementary school kids. Are this all right? I mean give such a sophisticate device to a 10 years old or even less is really reasonable? Apart from the phone abuse or lost issue, the physical hurt of the early use of cell phone to a child has been reported. Cell phone causes eye pain, poor eye sight and sleeplessness. Many children stay too late with their cell, just text or talk with friends through their cell. Other potential danger is still uncertain but surely it exist. I know the parental concerns of safety. Their primary purposes of giving their kids a cell are keeping them in touch when needed and calling emergencies. But we can not rely on a cell and think nothing will happen to them and children also need independence to grow. From my part, cell phones should not give to kids until they can use them and understand well why they get them. As to the fact of many parents choose cells as the presents to their kids, my advice is save your money and the troubles by giving a watch instead!

A watch reflects history, fashion and the characters of its wearer. Each type of watch has hundreds years of history, and own a watch means own a piece of history. Tell your kids the history and culture behind the watch when you give them one. Watch represent fashion. Watches have been marketed as a trendy accessory or a gadget in a variety of designs and colors. Though trend has nothing to do with kids, but they will find ones they like. Also a watch can reflect the characters of its wearer. Choose a watch has the proper type and style to your kids helps mode healthy and positive characters.

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