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Dressing Your Personal & Professional Best

Gerri D Smith

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How would you identify your personality? Is your professional image always at its best? Do you let the world know by the way you dress and the way you express yourself? Finding the best you that enhances your personality and your image might take a little discovery on your part.

Here are five distinctive types that may suggest what you have to work with to always appear at your best.

An Intellectual

If you feel you are the intellectual type, your fashions express your brainpower and show off your appreciation for the creativeness found in various fashion styles. Your way of dressing expresses organization, ease, and self-control, but is not boring. You like to show off your artistic side for clothing that fits your personality.

Always select fashions that give attention to beautiful cuts and lines in the design. Long and straight lines in dresses and suits that are classical are the best way to go. Dresses that are in gray, delicate, and understated colors are good choices. Your accessories may be traditional, or antique, and attractively set.

An Athlete

As the sports-minded individual, you prefer clothing that expresses your taste toward strong, outdoorsy, uncomplicated, and basic styles. If you are the strong-willed, rugged type, try not to wear styles that make you too masculine, but neither should you wear frills and ruffles or soft styles.

You can be neat and trim and stylish in dresses and skirts that match your accessories or scarves, belts and sweaters. Wearing casual and informal jewelry that match your sporty nature, and in natural earthy colors like greens, blues, and browns are the best choices for you.

The Fashion Model

Your figure and body type is made to wear just about anything you choose. If you can afford to change your wardrobe constantly or every time a new and popular style gets to the market, this is your type. You like flash and can wear it with elegance.

Make sure your posture, walk, and self-confidence is at its highest. Everything you wear must show your individualism. Your styles are usually different from what everyone else is wearing. Your clothing must fit you well. Your statement is chic, well groomed, and elegant.

The Exotic

This personality type has qualities natural to those of you who are dark and attractive with large, expressive eyes. A striking figure that sets off even the plainest clothing lets the world know you are here. For your daywear, the best styles for you are the tailored looks that are easy, yet, attractive. Matching a bright, bold scarf with a dark dress, suit, or skirt and top brings out the glow of your skin and personality. Use styles with charm and not more than one piece of exotic jewelry.

As for your evening wear, dress in well-fitting styles and match your ensemble with eye popping jewelry that brings out your exotic and mystifying qualities. The best colors for you include the deep reds, burgundies, and of course, your oriental tones.

The All-Around Type

When you are of medium height and body, and a combination of two or more of the above types appeals to you, this may be you. If you are business-minded, romantic, athletic and intellectual as well, your fashions must be elegant, stylish and basic. And you can wear many colors.

When selecting your ensembles, go for those colors that balance each other. When the seasons change you may like soft, warm and fuzzy wools in the winter months. And for the summer you may go with those that are fresh, flowing, and breezy.

Your wardrobe is filled with everything from flirty loungewear, to roomy sportswear, to classy eveningwear. Just because you can wear just about any type of fashion, make sure your accessories are tasteful, but not excessive, and elegant, but not too sophisticated.

Whatever determines your personality or your professional outlook on the way you dress, your fashions must always express your individual style. Keep in mind the image you wish to reveal to the world. How do you wish others to see you? Your choice of fashions and the way you wear them, your confidence, and your attitude describes you. Learn to know which type you are, or if you are a combination of types. Then make it your personal and professional best.

Gerri D Smith creates fashions for women who love to dress for elegant evenings. Elegance expresses a sense of luxury, style, glamour, and grace. It is found where beauty and style intersect with your imagination. Visit,


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