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Women Say Baggy Isn't Cool

Brandon Johnsonn

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Baggy (adjective) - baglike; droopy; hanging loosely

Baglike? Droopy? Those are two words I don't want people to immediately think of when they see me walking down the street. Especially droopy - do I need to explain why that's an unattractive adjective?

Maybe it worked for MC Hammer and his parachute pants (temporarily!), but baggy is out. In a recent Cosmo survey, over 55% of women say too many men wear big, bulky sweaters and baggy pants. They want to “see a hint of what's underneath".

This doesn't mean go out and buy a bunch of tight spandex shirts and biker shorts - the key word is “hint". They just want a general idea of what's under the hood without you broadcasting it through a mesh muscle shirt.

As for jeans, the same rule applies. Women said they don't like the huge elephant pants, but they don't want you strutting around in body-hugging pleather pants either. Go for something in between that is snugger around the waist and upper legs, but still has room for movement. The best thing you can do is take your girlfriend or a female friend with you when shopping. They will appreciate that you value their opinion, and they will know what looks great on you, before you buy something that isn't quite up to par.

Now, for those of you who haven't quite got into revealing shape just yet (you're working on it though, right?), you can still stick to the slightly looser fitting options. Just use this as even more motivation to get in shape. Imagine being able to look great in just jeans and a $2 T-shirt, simply because of the subtle physique she can picture underneath.

So, unless you plan on bulking up and putting on about 25 pounds of muscle to fill out all those trash bags in your closet, toss them, and go get some clothes that actually fit. is your portal to total mind and body fitness. We have a variety of articles, advice, and information to help you improve your brain power, dating, exercise, family, grooming, money, nutrition, sex, stress, work, and so much more.

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