How to Select the Correct Sunglasses


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When we go out and if it is sunny and bright outside, we automatically reach for our sunglasses to avoid the glare. To screen out the glaring sun light from the eyes, a pair of coloured or darkened lenses is used as a visual aid. Is there any difference in the £200 designer sunglasses bought from the fashionable shopping mall or £5 sunglasses from the bargain stores? Most of us have different opinions about this point.

Direct sunlight is found to be too bright and uncomfortable for many of us, particularly when we are reading our newspaper or magazine whilst sunbathing. In many of our outdoor chores, the eyes normally receive more light. In order to safeguard our eyes from the effects of ultraviolet rays, it is recommended to wear sunglasses. Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays may lead to growth of cataract in the eyes. Find more info at

Sunglasses are also used as a fashion accessory, particularly, when you are enjoying the holidays on the beach.

Purpose, fashion and style are some of the factors which determine the colour of the lens in the sunglasses. To reduce colour distortion which is essential when driving a vehicle, it is suggested to use brown, green or grey colours. Grey is considered more neutral since they don’t boost the contrast or alter colours. But golfers prefer Yellow lens in sunglasses because of its depth perception and contrast improvements.

Models use sunglasses which have polarized lens to decrease the glare from light reflected from water or other polarized surfaces.

When it comes to frames for the sunglasses there are plenty of options. Metals, metal alloys, nylon or plastic are some of the materials from which the frames are fabricated. Sportsmen like nylon frames because of its flexibility and light weight. The common styles of frame are frameless, half frame and full frame. Full frame wrap all around the lenses whereas half frames go around only half the portion of the lens.

Women prefer Onassis glasses which are very large; it mimics the styles of celebrities such as Jacqueline Kenney and Princess Diana. The celebrities use this style to escape from the probing eyes of the paparazzi and their cameras.

Mirror Shades are preferred by police officers particularly in the United States.

With thin metal frames and oversized teardrop lens, sunglasses designed by Ray Ban for the use by American Military are known as Aviator sunglasses.

The Wayfarer sunglasses are the best selling sunglasses to date and are very popular with the public since 1950.

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