Work-Outs Fashion Trends Part 2


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After warming up all set to work out – take off your sweatshirt and pants and get ready for some real time action of pumping iron.

Sleeveless tops and stylish vests

Sleeveless tops are the latest trend in sports fashion look around yourself and you will notice that most of the top athletes like Rafael Nadal and Carlos Moya adore them. Get hold of cotton tops gently fitted neither to tight to make you grasp for air nor too loose to hinder your routine.

Cycling shorts

Pumping iron somehow brings out the savage part of your personality – where more is always less. Choose a pair of comfortable cycling shorts preferably with 3-5% lycra, which facilitates your workout and also show your new found muscles.

Cooling down

Cooling down is as necessary as warming up. It is aimed at gradually returning the body to its resting state. Once the body cools down take out the energy bar out of the bag and munch it. Have a nice bath put on your Deo and gel and dress up in nice polos and pants.


They never seem to be out of fashion. Golfers look so elegant and relaxed in them, Indian team wears them all the time on field. So just, go out and choose one of the brightest Polo –T (orage, red, yellow, and turquoise) to reflect your new found energy and confidence after workouts. If you are not great fan of plain T’s then find thin horizontal stripe polo.


Trust me bag reflects how fashion conscious a person really is. You will find people changing clothes each season but seldom have they paid any heed to the bag they carry.

Glasses and Deo

When you be coming home sun will be shinning brightly so carry a pair of nice sun glasses. Surfer glasses are in but if you really not wear them while exercise you can have a pair of aviator style Ray-ban. First thing after finishing the workouts get hold of the Deo they will make you feel fresh. Numbers of Sports Deo are there in the market so you can lay your hands on one of them.

Well this is all for workout styling or did we forget something. Of course, we did – we don’t want our balls to be making noise like loose change in our pockets during the workouts nor bloating out like ballons later. So guys the most essential, though nobody will see them – Get a pair of trunks which can hold the loose pieces.

Gym styling is a whole new ball game

Going to the Gym is different from going to the office where there are dress codes and specifications and provides you an opportunity to present yourself to your community. Many people asked me – how important is gym styling, how does it matters. Well folks if you are concerned it matters all the time and if you are not then it won’t matter at all. One way I hope Gym styling will help you in finding a gorgeous looking training partner or it will impress for whom you have joined the Gym.

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