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Water Scare: 3 Reasons To Become Beware Of Chlorinated Water

Ethan Cox

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Dynamic strategies for development have elevated the civilization to a greatly advanced stage. However, there has been a drastic deterioration in the elementary elements supporting our health and well-being. It is a fall-side of rapid development – pollution has significantly intruded our regular lives and is taking a serious toll on our health and living. Besides contaminating our agricultural lands, food, our water is also highly polluted by these agents.

Among the many polluting ingredients, chlorine is a silent killer. This is why chlorine removal systems, in Brantford are popularly used.

Ways Chlorine Affect Your Health

Health experts often suggest drinking sufficient water to treat a number of health issues.

Water, indeed, is a powerful healer but when contaminated with unwanted substances it can cause more harm than good. Water is often treated with chlorine for disinfecting it from natural impurities and to destroy disease-causing pathogens. But often the chlorine content of water increases due to lack of monitoring and other causes; this poses a serious threat to human health and living. Here are some unwarned ways in which chlorine can affect your health.

  • Kills noble gut bacteria: Chlorination is expected to free the water from bacteria but such bacteria seem to have become immune to chlorine but instead it kills the good bacteria in your gastrointestinal tract (GI tract). As a result, your immunity is highly compromised.

    It was found to affect psychological health and wellbeing of children as well.

  • Behaves like a fake estrogen: Having excess chlorine in water has a very detrimental effect on your hormones and intricately damages your health. Chlorine converts into xeno – a fake estrogen.

    It performs no function of estrogen but dominates it. Due to this we often suffer with abnormal hair loss, fatigue, hypothyroidism, hypoglycemia, lower libido, insomnia and PMS. In worse cases, it can even cause cancer.

  • Unwanted weight gain and hot flashes: Since the use of chlorinated water exposes you to the risk of hypothyroidism, you may also gain body weight and suffer from hot flashes too.

Chlorine is supposed to treat water with impurities but when it in itself becomes the cause of health issues, it is better to control. Trust experts with impeccable chlorine removal systems in Brantford .

Safe water is your right and a necessity that you must not compromise.


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