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Since the development of printers the communication world has completely transformed. A printer is a device attached to a computer that transforms human design, text and graphics into a representation on paper. The printers are essential peripherals attached to the computer. The device work independent as well, one good example is the typewriter. This age old machine has been replaced by the modern electronic one. Printers are not completely independent and they too need accessories to function, these are also called as peripherals.

Printers are divided into differing mechanisms that call them to function.

Thermal Based Printers

The monochrome printers are used in ATM, cash registers and some types of faxes. Thermal printer rolls and paper make printing possible for both the black and white and color. Color printing requires special heat sensitive paper.

Impact Printers

The forceful delivery of ink from an inked ribbon makes an impression on the paper as required. These devices are not popular any more and may be restricted to some special purpose. Same applies to type writers, daisy wheel printers and other derived devices.

Inkjet Printers

These are toner based printers much in use tiday. These devices produce high quality text and graphics. The device uses same xerographic process as is used in photocopying machines, and laser printers.

Dye Sublime Printers

Used ideally for color images and printing, these are hardly used for text. The heat transfer dye is more suitable for canvas and plastic cards though they can work on paper as well.

Printer Accessories.

There are in use vast array of printers using technologies developed in the recent times. Commonly used printer accessories are mentioned below.

Duplex Units
Ink Cartridges
Ink Cartridges Color
Ink Cartridges Black
Toner Cartridges
Paper Rolls
Thermal Paper
Inked Ribbons
Memory Modules

With advancement in the printing technology and accessories there will be a paradigm shift which is continuous. Devices with multi-capabilities like scanning, faxing and printing are experiencing more demand. Development in ink jet color technology segment is much more than in the laser devices.

Due to the massive size of printing demand, all technologies find use among the customers. The stationery stores hence maintain their stock accordingly.

Uday writes often on ink ribbons online stores and ink cartridges hence the article. He writes often computer peripherals sold in stationery websites online. Uday loves to write on technology worldwide.


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