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Digital Cameras Helpful Tips For Buying a Digital Camera


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Since digital photography is becoming all the rage, and basically knocking out the existence of traditional film photography, more and more people are buying digital cameras. In fact, some people are already on their second and third one, either making a parallel purchase to something that they've become comfortable with, or they're upgrading.

However, even though digital cameras are extremely popular, many people still aren't confident when it comes to investing in their own. There's a lot to know, especially when technical terms come flying out at you around each and every corner. So to make it a little bit easier on you, here are some helpful tips for buying your digital camera.

The first thing that you need to consider is your budget of course. Digital cameras range from about a hundred dollars all the way up to a few thousand. . . So, establishing a budget and working within it will save you a lot of time, and keep you from bouncing around trying to figure out which camera to buy.

Your next big consideration should be what the heck you plan to use your camera for. Are you a point and click type of person who simply wants a camera to do the job good enough? If so then you don't need a huge elaborate set-up, with a ton of bells and whistles that you'll never use. However, if you're an avid photographer, or carry a lot of pride in the photographs that you shoot. . . then you'll want something that's a little bit more powerful, that has more megapixels, and probably a medium optical zoom range.

The basic types of cameras are ultra compact, compact, and SLR's.

The ultra compact cameras are good if you want to just be able to take the darn digital camera with you and shoot things quickly and easily without a lot of fuss. They're usually not the highest quality, but these days even the lowest quality digital cameras trump the cameras of just a few years ago. . . so you're likely still going to be able to get a good shot even with an ultra compact camera.

Compact digital camera's are usually a little bit bigger and carry a very good punch for their size. These are cameras that are still portable and convenient, but can and often have superior quality and produce photos that rival even the more professional SLR cameras out there - yet are a lot more automatic and easier to use. The price range of these cameras can be pretty wide depending on megapixel count as well as other features, but for the most part you're likely going to be able to stay under the thousand dollar mark even for the best quality.

Now SLR's are a whole different ballgame and generally more expensive. These are the digital cameras that the photography enthusiast or professional photographer would use, and often require a lot more knowledge of the photography craft if you're going to get the most out of them. Depending on what quality and how many functions you're after you should be ready to spend at least a thousand, on upwards to a few grand. The user has more manual control with these cameras and the pictures produced are often of higher quality and better resolution.

So again the two biggest deciding factors should be your price range and your purpose when buying a digital camera. If you're not an ardent photographer then you're certainly going to want a camera that's a little bit more user-friendly of course.

When you're investing good money on a digital camera you certainly want to be sure that it's a durable camera that isn't going to crumble with a few bumps and scrapes. Unless you hide it away in a closet and never let it surface for use, you're likely going to have some sort of bump, bang, or drop.

These helpful tips for buying a digital camera obviously have not touched on each and every point there is to look for, but hopefully you have a much better idea of what you may be looking for when you're ready to invest in your digital camera.

Bruce Hunter is the publisher of CORE Magazine and writes about digital cameras . Visit CORE now to get free access to information on key camera features .


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Tips For Buying a New Digital Camera
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