Use Halloween Beads to Create Some Spooky Jewelry

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When it is the time of the year to spook – know that the real surprise lies in little things. Little things like Halloween beads! That’s right these beads are made with little Halloween caricatures. You can wear them as a bracelet or as earrings or neckpieces. They will make statement jewelry to go with your Halloween costume.

First of all, what qualifies as Halloween beads do you think? Is it spooky beads or the pumpkin? When you are out shopping for Halloween beads you might see that some of the beads are not at all Halloween themed. They can be worn on all occasions. But since the color orange is synonymous with autumn and autumn with Halloween, these beads are perfect for the occasion. Plus, the beads in themselves are so small that their design will not be noticed. So if you are looking to make a statement jewelry to go with your Halloween costume, you can make it with these beads.

Then there is another type of bead that you can work with. These are a little bit large and usually decorated. They have pumpkin face, ghosts and the witch carved on them. They are usually bigger and they can be noticeable on you. This is why people usually make earrings out of them, or buy them in bulk and makes neckpieces with them. These are pretty good for attaching on the clothes too. For example, there’s a bat bead that can be stuck on your sleeves or your shoulder as you decorate your dress.

Let’s take it up by a notch. Let’s say you are dressed up as a witch and you want all your accessories to work around this idea. What will be the witch’s ornament? Black necklace perhaps? You can buy black beads in bulk and then make your own chunky jewelry. You can even combine one of the decorated Halloween beads along with the other types of beads.

There’s another type of bead – called the glimmer beads. Yes, that’s exactly what you are thinking. These beads will glow in the dark. So when you are in the darkness, it will look as if all you’re wearing are your jewelries. It surely makes for some good thrill in the dark. The glow in the dark jewelries can be mixed and matched up with colorful beads to make them look prettier. Another way is to attach them to your dress. This way you will have a mini glowing dress to wear.

Another thing that should be mentioned here is that many people try to make their own Halloween beads. It can be extremely tough to do them plus if you make any mistake then you will have to do them all over again – it is wastage of product. Making those skeleton heads and scary expressions on tiny pieces is really tough. You could buy readymade Halloween beads instead. Now since it is Halloween season you can get them in good rates if you buy them in bulk. If you’re in search of quality beads online, look no further than Pandahall.


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