Things To Know When Using Aluminum Wire For Jewelry Making

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When it comes to using creativity in jewelry making, jewelry wire gives you a lot of opportunities and choices. But, it is always essential to know some basic tips about using jewelry wire when creating your pieces. Aluminum wire is one of the most common types of wire used in jewelry making today. They serve numerous benefits and are used widely by jewelry designers. It is easy to use and this is the reason it is a preferred choice for new designers as well. However, there are some things that you must know when using aluminum wire in your jewelry designing projects. Let’s take a look at what these are.

Wire gauge

The gauge is actually the measurement of how wide the diameter is. For jewelry makers and crafters, there are two systems to determine the size of the wire. These are SWG which is the Standard Wire Gauge system and millimetres. Basically, countries such as USA and Canada have their measurements in SWG and countries like UK and other European countries have their measurements in millimetres. Larger gauge numbers doesn’t mean larger diameter. Actually, it works the opposite way. If aluminum wire has a larger gauge, it means it has a small diameter. If the gauge is smaller, then the diameter will be larger. Here is a look at some of the measurements.

32-28 gauge – the aluminum wire will be very thin. They can be used for Viking unit, weaving, and other intricate wire work.

26-24 gauge – size is good enough for stringing beads and pearls.

22-20 gauge – these are extremely versatile and they can serve a variety of purposes. They can be used for beading and they can also be used to make lightweight jump rings, clasps, eye pins, chain, ear wires, etc.

18-16 gauge – if you want to make sturdy jump rings and clasps, then this measurement is perfect for you. They are hard to bend and are great for making bracelets and necklaces as well.

14 gauge – These are very strong and thick aluminum wire. These are not suitable for jewelry making, but they can be used for mixed media and resin projects such as making frames, rivets, etc.

Wire shapes

When you do a cross section of the aluminum wire, what you can see at the cut end gives you the shape of the wire. Here’s a look at some common shapes.

Round – this is the commonly used shape in jewelry making.

Square – the shape of the wire gives a unique and aesthetic appeal to the finished jewelry. they are also used for a practical reason in jewelry making because when several pieces of them are laid out together, they give a look that round wire cannot achieve.

Half round – they have one flat side and the other side is round.

Twisted – they are generally used to add texture and aesthetic value to the finished product.

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