Taking Care of Your Wooden Beads

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Wooden beads have been used in jewelry designing since ages. They are as popular today as they were centuries ago. The best part about these beads is that they can be used for a variety of purposes. Aside from jewelry making, they are commonly used in crafting, beading, sewing, scrapbooking, etc. Wooden beads are used to make prayer malas as well which are used for meditation and inner peace. Given the fact that wooden beads are prone to damage and rotting over time, it is essential to take good care of them. Let’s take a look at how you can care for your wood beads.

When wood gets wet, water gets into the woods and when they dry, they tend to crack. They even lose their lustre. Some varieties of wood such as sandalwood even lose their fragrance. It is true that wooden beads which are left untreated grow in beauty. If you don’t give any kind of treatment to the beads, they will darken over time and become glossy. Put simply, they will become more beautiful than they were initially. But then there are some factors which are beyond your control that can cause damage to the beads. Rain, excessive sunlight, chemicals, etc can ruin your beads.

The best thing you can do is look for oil that is not scented. Natural or essential oils can do the trick here. You don’t have to wet your wooden beads entirely or soak them in oil. You simply have to take a very small quantity of oil and apply them to the beads. Small quantity may be a drop or two and you can use your fingers to gently apply the oil all over the beads without them looking oily. They must also not feel oily to the touch. As we have mentioned before, the oil must be natural and they must not have any kind of scent. Most oils have scent and they usually come from added chemicals. So avoid using any kind of scented oil to treat your beads.

If your prayer mala or jewelry is made from sandalwood, then you must make sure that they don’t lose their fragrance. When they are not being used, you must store them in a zip lock bag so they don’t lose their natural moisture. Handling your beads with care will ensure that they don’t get ruined or damaged. You must fasten and unfasten them gently so they don’t break.

If your jewelry or prayer mala consists of other kinds of beads in addition to wooden beads, they you must take extra care. While natural oils are good for wood beads, you may need a soft cloth or a slightly damp cloth to clean the other beads. However, you must keep in mind that chemical cleaners can affect your beads adversely. So you must keep them away from chemicals such as perfumes, lotions, hair care products, etc. Wooden beads add a natural touch to any jewelry they are used in. They are the perfect choice for prayer malas as well. To get your hands on the finest quality wood beads, you can visit Pandahall.


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