How To Buy Quality Pearl Beads

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Pearl beads had always been very popular. Pearls have been worn by big celebrities as well as the Queen herself. Because of their charm and elegance, they are loved by every woman, regardless of their age. There was a time when pearls could only be afforded by the rich and the famous. Of course, there are natural pearls which are very expensive. But, today we have imitations as well. Pearls are created as a result of a natural process that takes place within the stomach of the mollusc. It takes a very long time for a pearl that can be used in jewelry making to be produced. However, with some techniques, it is possible to produce pearl beads artificially as well. Since the demand for pearl beads is really high, there are a number of companies that produce them. However, the quality varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

If you love wearing pearl jewelry or want to use pearl beads to create some jewelry items, it is essential that you look for the highest quality pearl beads only. Here are some tips on how you can make sure that the beads you are buying are of good quality.

First of all, you can use your vision to identify if they are genuine or not. You can take a look at their color, size and shape and also the luster. Natural pearls don’t come in even shapes and sizes. They are all different, so when you have to pick them, ensure that you are getting similar shapes, sizes and colors.

Genuine pearls are cooler to the touch. So this is another thing that you can check if you are looking for good quality pearls. You can also make use of a magnifying glass to look out for growth striation. This develops on the pearls when they are in their production phase. Low quality pearls will not have growth striations on them.

With natural pearls, you will get a light powder when you scrape them using a knife or a pair of scissors. However, if they are not genuine or are low quality, a thin coating will come off upon scraping. The luster of the pearls tells a lot about their quality. If the pearl if of a high quality, it will be very lustrous even if you place it in a dark spot.

The color of the pearl beads depends on a variety of factors. Today, you will find that they are available in their natural colors as well as some bright colors too. Generally, it is all about the taste that people in different regions have for them. Some people like natural looking pearls while others enjoy the artificial colors. No matter which type you choose, always keep in mind that there is an extensive selection available on the market. The quality of them differs, but you can take certain steps to ensure that you are paying only for the highest quality pearls. To get the best quality on pearl beads, you can shop at Pandahall.


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