Interesting Things To Know About Lava Beads

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Using a variety of different types of beads in your jewelry creations can help you give your pieces a whole new look. Beaded jewelry is extremely popular these days. They are worn by women, girls and even men. Every now and then, new types of beads are introduced in the market that jewelry designers can use in their creations. This is to help them create unique and interesting pieces of jewelry that people will like to wear. Over the years, lava beads have also become highly popular because of their earthy appearance. Lava beads have an unmatched charm and they are also very elegant looking. They are natural, but may undergo some form of treatment to smoothen out the edges to make the wearable.

Lava beads come from the actual lava that flow when a volcano erupts. They are made of basalt that is produced during the eruption. What basically happens is that the pressure and the temperature under the surface of the volcano increases so much that the rocks start to melt. During the eruption, molten rock comes out and as it touches the atmospheric temperature, it starts to become solid. This is when beads form.

Lava beads come in many different shapes are sizes. Since they are natural, they can be formed into any shape including discs, saucers, teardrops, slices, ovals and rounds. Lava beads have a porous nature. They have bubbles and therefore they are lightweight. This is the reason they are a great choice for jewelry making. No matter how many beads you use in your creation, the jewelry will be light in weight. It is also quite easy to string them together because of the holes that were created during their formation.

The natural beads come in three main colors. These include black, brown and grey. Most jewelry designers like to use them in their natural colors, but there are some who dye them to give them a different color. A number of treatments are also carried out on these beads to give them a smooth texture.

Natural lava beads tend to be abrasive as they have a rough texture. Jewelry designers use paraffin wax to treat them so they become smooth and comfortable for wearing. You may also be surprised to know that they have amazing cultural significance. In many cultures, they denote strength, endurance and even considered a symbol of fertility. They can provide stability, dispel anger, provide guidance, hope and clarity. Using them in jewelry creations along with a range of other types of beads can add a touch of elegance to the pieces. However, when you purchase lava beads, you must ensure that you are buying original ones and not fake or manmade ones.

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