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Different Methods Of Jewelry Cleaning


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All ladies love jewelry. And they even adore to display it right when they get a chance. Jewelry is an issue of love for women since ancient period. It intensifies the gorgeousness of females and offers an impression of affluence and prosperity. Not only ladies, but gents too love to put on jewelry, as the foremost intention of jewelry is to augment the charm of whoever wears it. But when the jewelry gets unclean, it may impart bad impression on nearby individuals. As days pass, due to air pollutants, sweat, grease, oils and many other constituents in the environment, jewelry gets dirty and appears matte. It doesn’t sparkle as it is used to at the time of purchase. Therefore, in the maintenance of jewelry, cleaning is an important ritual.

Jewelry is made of lots of substances, like stainless steel, tungsten, silver, gold, and many kinds of gems. As per the material, cleaning method is changed. Therefore there are several different manners and solutions to clean different sorts of jewelry.


Diamond is the most sought after gemstone of women as well as men. As ladies don diamonds in form of rings, brooches, bracelets, neceklaces and earrings, men also try to get a chance to use it in form of rings, tiepins, cufflinks and other pieces. Although diamond is the toughest gemstone, it also gets grimy quickly. This is owing to the fact that the setting in which it has been fitted, comes in the way of its neat cleaning. Oils, grease and other types of dirt build up in the setting and also on the body of the diamond. A frothy ammonia cleaning equipment is offered by some specific jewelers together with diamond jewelry. Yet another way is to clean using steam cleaners. Ultrasonic cleaners can also be utilized. As a home remedy, we can use liquids comprising of ethyl alcohol base or ammonia base, or also a solution of temperate water and soap.

Silver Jewelry

Most often, silver jewelry is washed with baking soda, aluminum foil and hot water. Nevertheless this process is not backed by most of the jewelers. One more procedure is to scrub the silver jewelry with a powder used for cleaning utensils and later clean it with a soft cloth. This takes out the black rust buildup from the silver trinkets.

Copper Jewelry

There is a perfect process to cleanse copper pieces of jewelry and it is to make use of a mixture of lime juice and some salt. It brings back the glitter of the metal in an easy way. After cleaning is done, rinse it well in order to take away all the lime juice and salt and dry completely before storing or wearing. To abstain from oxidation, keep copper jewelry in a sealed box or plastic bag.

Harm Caused by Cleaning Ways

Some particular cleaning manners are not favorable for cleaning distinct types of jewelry. For example a dark deposit can be created over the jewelry which decreases its glitter. Ultrasonic cleaning is not suitable for gemstones like opals, topaz, amber and pearls, as it removes the coat on the gemstones which is useful to radiate desired color rays. Any precious and semiprecious stone which is porous must not be cleaned using ultrasonic method. Plus, gemstones stuck with adhesives should not be kept dipped in ultrasonic cleaning agents. This can release their fixture and you can lose them. It is a nice practice to study the jewelry items for loosened gemstones and settings, prior to cleaning them with steam technique or ultrasonic method.

There are different methods of cleaning jewelry depending on price, for example one method can be used for precious stones and another for cheap wedding rings or sterling silver rings .


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