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This is my first relationship to know and love the shoes


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For shoes, I do not have a special feeling, poor child at home, wear shoes, mother and sister are all hand-made shoes for me, summer is the side port shoes, winter is Niu Bizi cotton shoes, thick clumsy reality. Shoes, regardless of country people had never been seen around the foot, convenient, economical. I am a small boy his mother to sew slowly partner, he is always in a hurry, a new one put on his shoes to do it, so only come out the other, he the only shoes to some of the old, people will always think Two of his shoes are not the same thing.

I was twenty-eight goods by wearing shoes two days in the autumn of that year, in my repeated requests, the father severely heart, about three or four dollars for the liberation of shoes I bought a pair, and soon catch up to participate in Chairman Mao's memorial theater commune, when the rain came back the world, I was reluctant to stick mud new shoes, shoes for barefoot Yazi walked back carrying. Pair of shoes almost fill up the liberation of the patch, until the sole sub-worn only reluctantly thrown away. High school graduates admitted to college, I once again put on the shoes of goods, when his mother died shortly worse conditions at home may be the father thought his son to the city to read, does not look good wearing clumsy shoes to buy on credit from the village of supply and marketing cooperatives diagonal pair of white plastic hard bottom of the shoes uppers until graduation to work Teachers took money to pay my shoes and only then returned to families.

Little time in the home, one to Malaysia and Singapore the first month, on the dumplings, the legendary downtown that night to get married rats, mice who get married in the chair is the shoes, so I took before going to sleep on the pillow smelly shoes, for fear of lost shoes. This is my first relationship to know and love the shoes, the mouse can be considered the love of love, though I have not witnessed a scene of alien get married. And I heard his shoes mixed up with human love is of adult things. Are two different things and love the shoes, a matter of survival, one is spiritual life, although the shape of different objects and the main body, can fine polish and really is so different. The first people who love shoes analogy is so talented.

Love the shoes analogy, reflects the secret of love and life experiences. Living in the most low-end shoes, body, fate and running, coordination and companionship, run around and mutual assistance, the pressure of the load, the degree of tenacity, are most vividly reflected the characteristics of love. Both men and women that do not have stakeholders, came together because of love, a family destined to wind and rain after the test. If, like two shoes, both unity of purpose, and opposite constraints; both follow-up step by step, and the inevitable and orderly; If your feet go hand in hand or one leg jump, that is a problem. Shoes are comfortable, only feet know; love hard and happy, only both men and women clearly. Once the toes exposed, it shows that there is a problem of love or marriage.

Derailed the country condemning those women who tramp. I first learned the word tramp, I should call a woman for the grandmother. I have no family relationship with her, but the neighbors in a village, when she was three years old will look like. She generational large, even though many people in the village a dozen two-year-old than her, not call her grandmother makes her aunt. She is a woman Datailielie, and often with those sub-junior men joking. Her popularity was good, her family - Fuyuzhongnong wrong ingredients, this composition range between poor peasants and the landlords and rich peasants, the poor and lower the tail, is the first row of landlords and rich peasants, either as poor peasant solidarity and the use of Objects can also be used as scrap criticism landlords and rich peasants. If the mere popularity, political campaigns generally do not relate to her, she had to endure criticism because she had been engaged with the captain of the object. Then she and the captain are still innocent men and women, in the commune of Mao Zedong Thought Propaganda Team play opera, two people fall in love, her family is the landlord may be components, the captain is a poor peasant ingredients, the young captain to progress, persuaded his family and village cadres had pain must sell homes, but married a poor peasant ingredients woman looks ugly side. And she later married a Fuyuzhongnong children of our village. Because she had been engaged in an object with the captain, the captain of a sense of crisis rather ugly wife of the captain of care is very tight. Once she passed by in the village and was captain when the captain spoke ugly wife saw it jealousy Dunsheng yells. She insulted for no reason, natural gas, to name calling his wife a few words with the captain, two further tearing, big burly captain of his wife, she tore the clothes, the result was a captain brother in law tied up streets. Brother in law is a military commander Captain villagers. Other four elements through the streets, are neck hung a paper sign, but she hung Neither shoe. Some people say that a tramp, a tramp was young I did not understand the word, to carefully watch her shoes, she wondered: did not break her shoes, ah, Zhashui her tramp? She'd rather die, the spirit of near collapse.

Now think about funny, because now is not called a tramp tramp, called open. Such as the emotional aspects of a woman more casual, will find out this woman was ambiguous to say: “this person is very open. " This is the word of open tarnished.

In fact, it is now changing the title of the word tramp, but also with the social changes and changes. Because many words have been shrunk, such as gender relations, which would have been a quite normal vocabulary, because the two types of men and women the world to people there, if there is no relationship between men and women, then how the development of this society? Gender relations can now be mentioned, to refer exclusively to men and women is not normal relationship. Style problems of work style and life style points, but now there is a problem that a person style that specifically refers to the relationship between men and women who are not indecent.

Normal patch over the past shoes, worn shoes and feet, a lot of people, it is a sign of plain living, can we always care for the spiritual good shoes. Is not the same as you, not to mention patches, outdated styles of shoes is a tramp, you dump the shoes can be a spiritual help at any time may be off base string.

Mayor control over the shoes broke, social, and everyone came to help repair, which was repaired in under the pressure of political and moral life may have suppressed. Is not the same as you, the market is now broken pipe shoes, silver is not your pockets are not good enough and not ready? Is not doing a good job in several balance between women flaws? Because many women and corrupt officials are due to lose his official status. These words appear to inadvertently shrunk, in fact, have some moral or political issues into the life of the side. Living Well, like eating, eat greasy bread, eat rice, just a change of taste, some people problems, because it tastes a little Diao, section anyway, the promotion or to promote the reuse or to reuse, as the masses, as bread abandoned their grievances, as they sought power by riding the abuses of rice and live in fear, as eating a bowl of these corrupt officials looked at the pot, Delongwangshu mouth water to keep the seafood attack, still life section .

Love and marriage is the need endurance. A pair of shoes by the New Old, specifically how far to go, how many feet hit bubble, only themselves clearly. Because the terms of the difference between shoes and feet are often caused by the conflict, some of the sweat. Therefore, the insole becomes love regulator. However, the insole is the insole, once out of the shoe insole foot outside of the top, and that new ones on shoes, old shoes, this is a normal change of marriage or love. But, faced with fast-paced market economy and the mechanization of mass production of LOUBOUTIN UK shoes, those who have pure nostalgia for process and quality even more.


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