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Understand the history of shoe, choose to a pair of good shoe


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Before founding(1957-1961)1957-mark. cloth Wei the text(BILLBOWERMAN) and PHILKNIGHT meet for the very first time in the university of Russia Lei Gang.1960-the gift get into a Stanford University especially;At the same time Russia Lei Gang university the cinder star be dressed in the athletic five finger shoes of the cloth Wei text manufacturing to continuously break the record. BRS and TIGER cooperate(1962-1971)1962-the gift break off speech at its research paper in the market especially, the price is cheap, good technique and be good at promotional Japanese brand athletic five finger shoes, will replace German brand and monopolizes the United States market. After graduating, the gift got to Japan especially, and contact with the athletic five finger shoes manufacturer's ONITSUKUTIGER company, while being asked and representing where, the gift claims to be the representative of “the company (BLUERIBBONSPORTS)being blue to take athletics thing" especially.1963-the gift order especially of the head criticize 200 pairs of TIGER athletic five finger shoes and ship to the United States in December.1964-cloth Wei text and gift especially each one support USD 500 to establish blue take company, gift especially at farmland path field up promote five finger shoes, the cloth Wei text still continues to design athletic five finger shoes. Was blue to take companies to sell 1300 rightnesses of athletic five finger shoes in those early years, the sales amount was USD 8000.1965-accumulate man. Chuang minister(JEFFJOHNSON), once was a gift especially at farmland path the rival on the field, become blue took company of the first full-time employee.

1966-the Chuang minister establish the first to keep a camp store.1967-cloth Wei the text start developing Marathon running five finger shoes and found quality to lightly bear to wear of nylon shoe top running five finger shoes.1968-cloth Wei text design, CORTEZ for producing in Japan athletic five finger shoes, become a best-selling TIGER style.1969-help through Japanese trading company NISSHOIWAI, blue take companies to obtain to export letter of credit. A student CAROLYNDAVIDSON is with the sign that USD 35 designed “one Ti"(SWOOSH). Turned to¡ãfrom BRS NIKE(1972-1978)1972-be over and TIGER cooperation after, blue take companies to release formally a NIKE card in American Olympic Games tryout.

Canada becomes the oversea market of biggest NIKE.1973-STEVEPREFONTAINE become the first track man that wears NIKE running five finger shoes.1974-all new WAFFLETRAINER become whole beautiful best-selling trainings to use athletic five finger shoes. The NIKE business expands into Australia, and the moxa gram in New Hampshir State, the United States period especially the city establishment make factory. The employee grows up into 250 people, the sales amount is USD 4,800,000.1975-that the square station die because of the traffic accident.1977-blue take companies to establish western farmland path of association(ATHLETICSWEST), become the first farmland path of the United States to train club. Start selling athletic five finger shoes in Asia, establish factory in Taiwan and Korea respectively at the same time, the extension produces.1978-blue take companies to formally change name to NIKE company.

Sign with star JOHNMCENORE of tennis to sponsor contract. Start selling the product of NIKE in South America and Europe region. NIKE gold period(1978-now)1979-release advanced NIKE-AIR of the first equipmentses to avoid to shake technological TAILWIND running five finger shoes, the NIKE sportswear also starts making marketing. The NIKE revenue almost attains the half of American sporting goods market, particularly ranks high a leadership position in the running five finger shoes realm and is dressed in each track events record that the contestant of NIKE running five finger shoes bags 800-10000 meters.1980-2,000,000 NIKE stocks publicly become available in the market, NIKE exercises to develop laboratory the moxa gram in New Hampshir State Si especially the city establish. The year's employee's number increases into 2700 people, the revenue is USD 269,000,000.1981-the NIKE contestant Marathon match in New York of ALBERTOSALAZARY rewrite world record. NISSHO and NIKE unite in Japan to establish NIKE day our company.1982-NIKE the sportswear grow up into about 200 kinds of styles, the dress year earns 7 ten million USDs.1983-be dressed in JOANBENOIT of NIKE running five finger shoes to break a woman Marathon record in world.23 contestants that are sponsored by NIKE the Helsinki in Finland hold of the farmland path champions in worlds opening acquire medal in the match.1984-in Los Angeles Olympic Games, the CARLLEWIS individual bags 4 noodles farmland path gold medals.

JOANBENOIT carries off first noodles Olympic Games woman Marathon gold medal.58 contestants of NIKE sponsor hold to return to 65 noodles medals.1985-assign name to by New appointee MICHAELJORDAN of Chicago bull brigade of NIKEAIRJORDAN series the basketball five finger shoes and sport clothing become available in the market. Income decrease growth with the result that have to cut down expense, cut down general administration expenses and decline low inventory, 4200 employees in the world.1986-the sales amount attain 1,000,000,007 ten million USDs.1987-the annual income decline to 800,000,007 to do USD 7,000,000. But the forerunner's NIKE-AIR patent avoids to shake a shoe insole and re- stands up a NIKE's science and technology in industry leading position;AIRMAX it is thus clear that type air cushion athletic five finger shoes, make the people of this world see the excellent that the NIKE-AIR patent avoid to shake air cushion for the very first time. In addition, the fourth generation AIRPEGASUS sells 5,000,000 pairs, the multi-function athletic five finger shoes at the right moment catch up an Aerobic fever.1988-the development FOOTBRIDGE feet bridge stabilize the design of machine. NIKE merges COLEHAAP five finger shoes company.1989-'JUSTDOIT'the activity move forward the second year.

NIKE makes use of a well-known witness product of athlete, and collection fever caused by AIRJORDAN basketball five finger shoes, urge NIKE to sell significant growth.1990-the oversea market in the growth urge NIKE global the gross earnings break USD 2,000,000,000, the employee is more than 5300. The NIKE headquarters"NIKEWORLDCAMPUS" compares the Wei City to establish in Oregon. The first NIKETOWN opens in Portland City at the same time.1991-the first revenue in the NIKE member world break the sporting goods company of USD 3,000,000,000. The revolution AIRHUARACHE running five finger shoes leads to lie a HUARACHEFIT technique. Multi-function sport combines the sportswear alignment of AIRMOWABB brigade shoe and F. I. T. outdoor. MICHAELJORDAN leads bull brigade in Chicago to carry off the first NBA champion in brigade history;The NIKE oversea sales amount grows up 80% and attains 800,000,006 ten million USDs.1992-the oversea revenue break USD 1,000,000,000 for the first time and have NIKE revenue total amount 33%. NIKE and American farmland path association sign to sponsor contract, by this century all VIP members, will be dressed in NIKE dress to take part in each game in the world.1993-MICHAELJORDAN lead a bull brigade to after taking down the third NBA champion declare the altar retirement is from the basket.1994-NIKE expand a P. L. A. Y. activity. P. L. A. Y.includes an athletic five finger shoes to make use of a plan again, takes more than 100,000,000 pairs of recalls athletic five finger shoes as raw material and builds a new athletic field.10 top contestants and the Italy, nation male of the United States and friend's representatives and Chinese football representativeses sign to sponsor contract in NIKE and the champion Brazil brigade of World Cup Soccer. In Australia, SHANEWARNE becomes underneath NIKE the first cricket star.

1995-NIKE the annual income attain USD 4,800,000,000. MICHAELJORDAN and MONICASELES return a sport world respectively. NFL and cowboy brigade executive in Dallas and NIKE make a contract;Temper fierce French book contestant ERICCANTONA challenge the racial discrimination of football field in a series of advertisement. NIKEAIR chlorine mat science and technology releases and provides with brand-new frivolous fine ZOOMAIR athletic five finger shoes.1996-NIKE the athlete and teams of the sponsor controled second especially orchid too Olympic Games. Football major league launches the first ball quarter, among them have 5 troopses is helped by the NIKE treasure, the attraction is more than the passionate fan of expecting the number. NIKE sponsors a foot brigade brigade in Brazil nation to fight 98 world cups;TIGERWOODS wins amateur open tournament in the United States continuously for three years and changes the feature of golf sport. NIKETOWN that is located on New York establishes. NIKE establishes after exercising equip a section to 1994 to merge the CANSTARSPORTS company and starts producing an ice hockey to use ice skates, in-line skates shoe, PROTECTIVEGEAR, ball, glasses and watch etc. .1997-the revenue of Asian region in NIKE from 96 the fiscal years are USD 300,000,000, grow up into the Year 97's USD 800,000,000;The two greatest customer service centers difference establishes in Seoul, Korea and Tokyo, Japan;Chinese mainland becomes a purchase nation of a, is also an of vital importance market at the same time. Headquarters WORLDCAMPUS continuously extends, the plan will accept in the world 18000 employee wins of 7100 go into therein work. NIKE AIRGX and AIRFOAMPOSITE sports five finger shoes set up the comfortable standard of football spiked five finger shoes and basketball five finger shoes. The sport industry analyst estimates that the NIKE annual revenue will attain USD 9,000,000,000. All effort is a pure target, help an athlete to pursue a better performance.


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