How To Get A New Thermax Vacuum Without Having To Buy One

Steve McArthur

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Here's A Way To get a brand new Thermax vacuum cleaner without having to buy one.

People that own the Thermax vacuum cleaner sometimes find that after a few years of use it's not picking up dirt like it used to?

They seem to have to wrestle with their Thermax vacuum now. When it was new it seemed to glide across their carpet by itself. Now it is a lot of work and the water in the Thermax recovery tank doesn't get as dirty as it once did.

Instead of buying a new Thermax vacuum cleaner, what they may need is just a new Thermax power nozzle. A lady I know that had owned her Thermax for years but kept complaining that it didn't pick up the dirt as well as it did when it was new.

She decided that rather than getting a new Thermax vacuum cleaner she would buy a Thermax power nozzle and see if that helped. She commented that with a new Thermax power head it actually seemed like she had gotten a new machine.

The reason for this is that Thermax power head roller brushes take a beating (as do all vacuum cleaners) when vacuuming a carpet because of the high rpm's of the Thermax roller brush. The bearings wear out and the bristles may get thin. Getting a new Thermax power nozzle is not the only solution to the problem though, “Sometimes all an owner needs is a new Thermax roller brush to make their machine seem brand new again.

When a new Thermax power nozzle is connected to an older Thermax vacuum cleaner it operates much more smoothly because of the new bearings and bristles.

So, getting a new machine may be easier than you think.


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