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Shopping on the internet can be very convenient but also very disarming. Shoppers should be aware that although they feel anonymous they may not be. Common sense is a very important characteristic to keep in mind when conducting online shopping. To put your mind back into focus, try to follow some of the basic checklist trip falls.

1. Watch your security. Users should always be sure that the site they are using is secure, but how do you know? A secure site should have a security certificate. Usually there is a link somewhere on the site that allows you to view the certificate.

If you cannot find the certificate or you are still unsure about the privacy of the site, Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator have a built in feature that allows you to quickly check for site security and accuracy. In the lower right hand corner of both browsers is a padlock. When the padlock is opened the site is insecure or the certificate is out of date. When the padlock is closed the certificate is up to date and the site is recognized as secure.

2. Although, not despairing to your security, the issue of shipping is despairing to your wallet. Be aware of shipping costs, which occur 90 percent of the time. For example, on average, a CD cost between 1.80 to 2.00 to send through media mail. If you feel the shipping costs are outweighing the discounted price of the product then your best bet is to shop elsewhere or simply look locally for the product.

3. Comparison shop. You should always look locally first when shopping for expensive items. Some online merchants actually raise their prices hoping that you will not comparison shop and they will get the better price out of you.

So when shopping online, be careful. Not everyone is honest and not all the deals are the best ones. Mostly the online shopping experience is a pleasant one but once and awhile there a few trip falls to beware of.

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