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What should you look for in a feng shui compass and how should you use it?

A feng shui compass is a very helpful element when it comes to finding out the location and orientation of a house or building. It will allow you to apply feng shui guidelines in an accurate manner since it will provide you with knowledge on the exact orientation your house has.

There are different kinds of compasses, and the most useful feng shui compass you can find is the one which allow you to look at the numbers it shows at the same time than you look at the building and keep aligned with it. Other kinds of feng shui compasses, the most traditional ones, require you to look down in order to watch the numbers they show, and this is not as helpful as if you can watch them while keeping your sight up.

A traditional feng shui compass’ name is “Lo Pan", “Lo" has the meaning of “everything" and “Pan" means “bowl", and the correct interpretation of the term means a bowl which allows you to have access to the universe mysteries. This feng shui compass is also known as the traditional Chinese geomantic compass.

The Lo Pan feng shui compass has different concentric rings which provide the information through a magnetic needle. One of the most important rings is the one called “the twenty four directions ring". This ring is the third one and accurately tells you which direction the building faces.

Another important ring you may find in a Lo Pan feng shui compass is the one called pre-celestial. This ring is placed at the center of the compass and provides information about the way chi flows in every specific environment and the realm of that space. This would allow you to find out the right way to improve the chi of that specific place.

As you can see, a feng shui compass is a very important feng shui tool which must be taken into account at the time to professionally apply feng shui within a space. A feng shui compass would provide you with accurate information regarding all the important aspects considered by feng shui and therefore allow you to properly balance and harmonize that space.

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