High Oil Prices Are a Great Opportunity for You to Go Shopping Online


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How much does it cost you to drive to the closest shopping centre to do your shopping? To drive to the local video store, the travel agency, the post office? With the high price of crude oil your petrol is costing you more than ever before. So why not save some time and money, and do your shopping online?

Most cities with broadband or wireless internet access have access to a variety of services online that can save you driving that fuel guzzling machine parked out front. By sitting in the comforts of your own home you can complete common tasks without even getting dressed. This week’s grocery shopping can be ordered and paid for online. It can then be delivered to your door as early as the next day.

Several companies now have the technology so that once you have ordered online, the website can save your preferences so that next week you can have the same products delivered to you automatically. No more walking around the grocery store putting the same products in your basket every week.

But won’t the grocery store be paying for the petrol used by the truck to deliver my groceries, and as a result will probably increase their prices anyway? This may be true for tangible products, and may incur a cost saving nevertheless, but there are many other intangible products that won’t have petrol factored into their prices. This can include sending an email instead of posting a letter by regular mail, or even downloading a movie instead of driving down to the video store.

Travel has been one of the first industries to successfully transfer their traditional bricks-and-mortar business to the online world. Nearly every major travel agency has now created a website to sell their products online. These websites allow you to make a hotel reservation after choosing from all the hotels in the travel agency’s database. You can choose the location, price range and facilities that you desire at your hotel, and then compare these hotels against each other to find which one offers the most value. This is probably more information than the sales consultant at your local travel agency can offer you.

There are many advantages to performing common tasks online that would normally require you to drive your car. Even without the high prices of petrol, online shopping can be a cheaper, more detailed and relevant solution to your needs. So take this opportunity to discover how beneficial online shopping can be for your time and bank balance, by making a purchase online.

BIOGRAPHY: Liam Austin writes for OzeWorld.com where he is the founding director.

OzeWorld.com is the leading destination to research, compare and make hotel reservations online. Users can narrow down their search to specific facilities they desire in their room or hotel.

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High Prices: A Great Way to Keep Readers from Buying Your Book
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