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Buying a wheelchair is a very big decision. Not only are they expensive but you need to find something that meets your needs. In this article we will be discussing what to look for in an electric wheelchair.

The first thing you will need to realize is that electric wheelchairs are expensive. You can expect to pay well over $1000 and even up to $3000. You will need to set aside some sort of a budget because they certainly are not cheap.

You shouldn't think that by buying a used electric wheelchair that you are goofing to get a good deal. This will usually come with all sorts of problems. You can expect bad batteries, motors, and other parts.

When you first start shopping for your electric wheelchair finding a good retailer should be your priority. You want a company that is a licence supplier and offers good service.

There are a few different types of electric wheelchairs that you should be aware of. The most common type is a simple rear wheel drive. There is also mid wheel drive and front wheel drive.

Witch one of these different types you prefer is a matter of tastes. Some people prefer the speed of a rear wheel wheelchair, while others prefer the turning abilities of the mid wheel drive and front wheel drive. If you get the opportunity take each one for a drive to see what you like best.

The last thing you should know about is the different types of batteries. The three different types are gel, agm, and wet.

Wet batteries are the best deal because they are affordable, but they do require some maintenance. AGM are the best of the best and there price reflects that. AGM batteries are very easy to maintain. Gel batteries are great overall but will cost a fair bit.

These are the basics of buying an electric wheelchair. With this information you should be able to find the perfect electric wheelchair that meets your needs and budget.

Tyler Casselman runs the site Amazing Wheelchairs. Lean more about wheelchairs, read reviews, and much more.


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