Why Buy Art From An On-Line Gallery?


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Are you intimidated by interactions with the Arty set? You aren’t sure that you belong or that your opinions on a piece will be taken seriously? Not sure if the price that the gallery is asking is reasonable? Well put all of your fears to rest. Art is a very personal and subjective experience. You do not need a degree in an art or design field to know what you like. A piece of work that takes your breathe away may have no effect whatsoever on the next person who views it. We all come from differing backgrounds and experiences. A piece that has wonderful artistic expression and shows a great deal of talent is not always one that strikes a chord with everyone. Your individual taste and what appeals to you and your price range should be the criteria that you rely on most when choosing artwork to accent your home or office.

Why buy from an On-Line Gallery? You can shop from the comfort of your own home. All of the pieces feature the dimensions. You can measure the intended space without having to wait to see if it will fit where you plan to display your new treasure. Choose the piece that you fall in love with and have it delivered straight to your front door. All you have to do is hang the painting or photo, or place the sculpture in its designated place of honor. Unlike local galleries an on-line gallery can feature artists from all over the country at the same time on the same site. New artists are profiled regularly so the choices are endless, always new and exciting.

The personal touch is only an email away if you have questions about the artist or piece, too. If you prefer to get to know the artist, biographies are available and personal contact is an option at the artist’s discretion. Commissions are also an option. If you have a favorite scene or photo that you would like to see created in watercolor, oil, pastel pencil or other medium for a one of kind original with personal meaning. Choose an artist by reviewing his or her other work to be sure their style is complimentary with your own. A successful outcome can be determined before the piece is started if your taste and the artist’s style are compatible. You can then negotiate a fair price and expected delivery for the commissioned piece. This will assure that you will not be disappointed.

Many people feel safe buying a print of one of the great masters’ works. This may be a safe way to purchase a work of art, but it also limits your choices. Why settle for a print that hundreds or even thousands of others have when you could own an original one of a kind piece? The price range can also surprise you. The price you pay for one of those prints could be more than a talented, but lesser known artist is selling an original piece for. Sometimes the most rewarding experiences in life are the ones that require you to stretch your imagination and do something that is out of the ordinary.

As in any field of endeavor the individuals who choose to participate are talented to differing degrees. Many highly trained artists do not have that indefinable “it" factor that sets them apart from the pack, while self-taught artists sometimes exhibit it in spades. Many times we think that we know what style of Art appeals to us and try to stick to that genre, but we may come across a new or different artist work that speaks to our soul in a whole new way. Also, what you thought was wonderful in your youth may not be what appeals to your taste as you mature. Art is a fluid experience. State of mind and emotional experience play a large role in your appreciation of it during your lifetime. We all know the great masters of the past. Their images flood our consciousness even if we are unaware of their impact. Art enriches us is ways that are not always obvious. When purchasing a piece of Art go with your heart and your emotions, because ultimately you are purchasing the piece to please yourself. You will get more viewing and enjoyment from it than anyone else.

Lori J. Ferreira has always had a love of the arts. She has a B. A.in Theater/Costume Design with a minor in Art History. She has worked in theaters, art galleries, retail and corporate environments. She has created a vehicle to promote artisans and craftspeople online with Lori J Gallery and Lori J Gifts .


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