FurReal, FurReal Friends, FurReal Newborn Luv Cubs - Teddy Bears of the Future?


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The author of this article owns an online Toy Store called ToyGrotto (www.toygrotto.net) and would like to enlighten readers about the fantastic FurReal range which includes Fur Real Friends (FurReal Friends), Fur Real Newborn Luv Cubs (FurReal Newborn Luv Cubs), Fur Real Luv Cubs (FurReal), Fur Real Kitten (FurReal Kitten) and Fur Real Newborn Bunnies (FurReal Newborn Bunnies.

Do readers remember the days when a teddy bear was just a teddy bear – it lay there and didn’t move or talk? Well I think it is safe to say that when Fur Real (FurReal) entered the toy market that the end of the traditional teddy bears was on the horizon.

It as to be said that the Fur Real (FurReal) range is fantastic and is proving very popular sales wise. These toys have been made so that the animals in the range actually replicate the noises and movement of real animals. The FurReal Newborn Bunnies for instance move their head and open their eyes when you stroke their backs. The fact that the child is able to interact with these toys in order to provoke action out of them is fantastic.

The FurReal Luv Cubs are one of the most popular FurReal (Fur Real) items in the range. These huggable cubs produce giggle and crying sounds and move their arms, head and face. Interactive sensors enable the cubs to respond to feeding, tickling and hugging. Incredibly a bottle is also included for feeding.

Technology is evolving and toys are evolving with it, whether those toys may be DVD board games or teddy bears. It is just so nice to see that traditional toys are becoming modern and not being eliminated.

If you like this article and share the same passion for the phenomenon that is FurReal (Fur Real) then please feel free to pay a visit to the authors own e-commerce store at ToyGrotto . The author would very much appreciate any kind of feedback that you have to offer regarding ToyGrotto . Please feel free to submit your comments to the author at toygrotto@toygrotto.net . All comments and suggestions of all natures will be greatly appreciated and will be taken on board. The key to writing good articles is by having a wealth of knowledge and sources which then can be analysed and shared with others.


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