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What is a heart rate monitor? These gadgets are a very wonderful tool to have for both those who have heart related problems and those who are looking to improve their workouts. The goal of these devices is to monitor your heart rate at all times during the day. While exercising to lose weight, your goal should be to maintain your heart rate in the ideal ‘zone’ for fat burning. But, too much of a good thing is not good either. The monitor allows for accurate measurement of the heart during these periods so that you don’t exceed the recommended levels for your age/fitness level. The heart rate monitor makes this process a lot easier.

But, choosing a heart rate monitor can be tricky. We’ve cut through all the hype and reviewed some of the best on the market:

The Polar F11: Polar is an excellent brand no matter what but this model is a great all around version. You can use the program “Keeps U Fit Workout Program” to meet your personal goals. OwnZone is another feature which allows you to monitor your target heart range and it tells you how many calories you are burning during it. It uses a coded transmitter to find your heart rate and you will not have interference from other monitors.

Polar A3: If the Polar F11 looks good but is too expensive, go with the stepped down version in this model. It works as a personal trainer in its ability to allow you to track the previous workouts. It’s easy to use and very accurate.

Garmin Forerunner 301. Okay, if you are a gadget lover, this is the heart rate monitor for you. It uses GPS to help you throughout your journey through health fitness. If you are a runner, use this monitor to track how far you have gone what your heart rate is during that time as well as allow you to download it all to your PC to track and monitor. And, as your heart rate improves this monitor will adjust your target zone to keep pushing you to the next level.

Acumen Eon Basix ES: In this model, you get beginner tools. It’s easy to use and has the functions that you want. It has a target zone function that you can program.

For something different, go with the Mio Shape. In most heart rate monitors, a chest strap is used to monitor your heart’s beat. But, in this unique model, it uses a finger sensor instead. Although some have found difficulty in using this accurately, it is worth mentioning.

We hope you find something that fits your style and needs and you use it to take your fitness to the next level.

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