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General Guideline to Care For Your Body Armours

Narender Kumar

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Body armours are important to protect the soldiers from attacks by weapons and such other various threats like shrapnels or stabs, to name of few. But once you have the body armour, the important question on your mind will be- how to care of it? Proper use and care of such armours are important to increase its durability and ensure that it is maintained throughout the warranted period.

With different styles of body armour being available, a complete care guide is difficult to provide. However, to help you keep your armours in good condition, here area few general guidelines for their care.

1. Storage

No matter whatever is the style of your armour, it should never be thrown in the bottom of your wardrobe or in the back of your car. It needs to be stored flat to make sure that there are no wrinkles in the armour that could possibly damage the fibres.

When storing tactical armour that has a hard plate in the rear or front, the plate should be removed before storing. In case the armour is damp from washing, do not store it as it can cause mould to grow.

2. Washing

The covers and carriers of the vests or armours are manufactured using different materials and so it is necessary to follow the washing instructions that are provided by the manufacturer itself. The removable carriers that are made using poly-cotton can be both hand and machine washed. Again, those carriers made of cotton can be washed in warm water using mild detergents. The cover of the ballistic package should only be sponged and the package should never be immersed in water.

3. Drying

Once cleaned, the ballistic packagejust like the female ballistic jacket should not be allowed to dry in the sunlight. It should rather be laid flat to dry in a shady and well-ventilated space. It should be protected from UV rays as the rays can cause it to deteriorate.

4. Damage

Every time you wear your armour, it should be inspected for damage. It is important in light of the fact that wearing armour that is damaged in anyway could pose threat to the life of the wearer. Immediately contact the manufacturer in case you find any damage.

We hope this post will help you to keep your body armours in good condition to increase their longevity. Moreover, look for a well-known manufacturer of quality armours to get bets quality products.

Look for a reputable company that offers protective equipment such as bulletproof collapsible shield, body armours, female ballistic jacket and helmets etc. to help the heroes to fight at the warfront and survive the life threatening situations.


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