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What Is Applique Armour? And The Edge It Gives To Modern Forces?

Narender Kumar

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The word, Applique

The online directory defines Applique as, “the ornamental needlework in which pieces of fabric are sewn or stuck on to a larger piece to form a picture or pattern.

As verb, applique is to sew or stick pieces of fabric on to (a garment or larger piece of fabric) to form pictures or patterns. ”

What Wikipedia says about Applique Armour?

According to Wikipedia, “Applique Armour consists of extra plates mounted onto the hull or turret of an AFV. The plates can be made of any material and are designed to be retrofitted to an AFV to withstand weapons that can penetrate the original armour of the vehicle. An advantage of appliqué armour is the possibility to tailor the vehicle's protection level to a specific threat scenario. ”

So in general

Applique armour lends advanced protection capabilities to new and existing platforms and makes them more immune to attacks which can range from small or medium caliber weapons to rocket propelled grenadesandimprovised explosive devices.

More about applique armour:

  • The products are lightweight, especially when you compare them with their steel counterparts
  • They provide multi-hit protection to the military vehicles and more importantly, to the personnel inside
    They can be custom-manufactured, and used on both new as well as existing fleet of military vehicles including tanks, air crafts, and vessels
    They significantly reduce additional platform weight and adverse centre of gravity effects – this eventually leads to better performance by the force

Every soldier lost is a loss to the nation

As countries, we just cannot lose our army people. They’re way precious for us. And therefore, governments are increasingly signing pacts with major defense companies to build them super advanced arms and protection capabilities that can help them maintain peace and combat with minimal human life loss.

Additionally, modern day vehiclesand arms are way expensive than their predecessors whether it is tanks, or aircrafts, or vessels, or projectiles. Investments in them have to make sense. By equipping them with applique armour or add-on armour kits, modern forces can ensure that their vehicles are protected from a diverse range of attacks from the enemy forces. More importantly, the soldiers operating from these vehicles will be safer.

This is all for now. We’ll cover more on applique armour in the up-and-coming articles.

Author Bio

We’re planning to introduce a series of articles on modern ballistic products and solutions including applique armour . So, keep checking out this space for all our forthcoming writing pieces.


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