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With such a wide variety of styles in the modern, post-2000 age, there are many ways to look cool and stylish with a pair of sunglasses. From the over-the-top, larger-than-life style, to the conservative circular clear lens, it’s more about the sense of self you want to convey than any particular fashion. It’s a good thing that manufacturers and vendors are more accepting of individuality when it comes to eyewear, because it has led to the introduction of just about every style you can think of – especially with summer in full swing.

The Aviator Sunglasses Look

Clearly a fashion accessory – given the relative lack of pilots in the general population, the distinctly downward-curving aviator sunglasses are a must for the fall crowd. Urban and yet with a dash of mystique, aviator glasses frame the chiseled face and draw attention to that particular type of man’s most prominent feature. When coupled with a five o’clock shadow or designer stubble beard, you remind the ladies why actor Don Johnson and singer George Michael were modern-day Adonises in the 1980s. Now picture walking around with a hand held air conditioner in the blistering heat, and you’ve got someone cooler than a polar bear’s toenails.

The Funky Multi-Colored Glasses Style

It takes a confident guy or a fun-loving gal to rock these cool glasses. Popularized by Southern Californian surfers, this is actually an English original style charismatically dubbed “the Frogskin. ” The pink camouflage tends to be the most popular variation because it matches with the best hand held air conditioner that’s so chic these days, but they’re also available in multiple retro color combinations. Many vendors have taken to their popularity and sought to meet public demand. They’re fun-loving and en vogue and definitely draw attention to your face, but beware the plastic construction – it will eventually lose shape over time.

In a similar vein as the Frogskin, another psychedelic sunglass style guaranteed to get people looking at you is the Super Sunglass style popularized by such media giants as rapper Kanye West. Just looking at the balck-and0white frame is dizzying. The style is nonetheless certified, given the origin and popularity of the Supers in one of the fashion capitals of the world – Milan, Italy.

Cool Enough for a Lady, but Made for a Man Sunglasses

Navigator sunglasses are not gender-specific by any means, but given that quintessential male heroes like James bond and other iconic big-screen ladies-men favor these ultra-cool shades, every wannabe tough-guy gravitates towards Navigators. No matter what else you’ve got going on with your personal style, these sunglasses slap the cool liberally right on to your face. Navigators stand out with a generally dark look – which might explain why Agent 007 is always in a tailored suit. Too bad he doesn’t also have a hand held air conditioner to be cool both figuratively and literally.

The ladies are most certainly invited to try on a pair of Navigators for that special femme-fatale look. Although these sunglasses don’t easily conform to the generally smoother curves of a female face, they nonetheless endow her with a serious silent assassin look. Since almost anything looks good on a woman, Navigators stand out with either dark or light apparel – but skip the colorful accessories for this ensemble.


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