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Look for the silver lining with your product choice


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For thousands of years silver has caught the imagination of mankind and become a source of great fascination and desire. Going back to ancient times, the civilizations of the period found this precious metal to have almost mystical qualities and whilst those beliefs no longer apply, present day still acknowledges the value it offers.

Its use is manifold, with silver products in huge demand within the jewelery and utensil industries due to its malleable properties which make it so durable (it's actually even harder than gold); plus it is used for the creation of ornamental figures, the construction of high quality woodwind instruments and of course as part of international monetary systems. With jewelery, regardless of the item, it will always be made of an alloy for the simple reason that pure silver is just too frail for such usage.

Silver can require an awful lot of elbow grease to bring out the glean that makes it so striking. This is due to its brilliant white luster. Alternatively, it can sometimes be plated with a very thin coating of what is referred to as .999 fine silver to give it its shiny finish. This procedure is known in the trade as “flashing”, but it can also achieve its sheeny appearance with the addition of rhodium.

Sterling is the silver of the greatest quality as it contains over 90% of the pure stuff, topped up with a little copper. The leading names in the industry will only use this type of silver as it can guarantee longevity. Indeed, with the correct care, Sterling silver will hold its charm, character and most importantly its striking beauty for years, even generations.

The rule of thumb when it comes to silver is that slightly surprisingly, the more an individual uses or wears their silver, particularly Sterling silver, then the longer it will retain its desired look. Left unused and it will tarnish, no doubt about it. Salt in the air will certainly accelerate the process of discoloration, so extra tending might be required in areas of likely exposure.

If washing the metal then it is advisable to do it as soon as possible after noticing a stain of sorts, as corrosion can set in and develop at a rapid rate of knots. Warm water should be mixed with a very mild detergent, but do not leave products to soak, especially utensils such as knives, forks and spoons; they should be dried immediately to bring them back to their best.

There are so many variations in the product range that show off the diversity and potential of silver as a household commodity. From candlesticks to bookmarks and picture frames to bottle stoppers, they all have an air of quality about them, regardless of taste. Collectors also enjoy the delights of this most precious of metals with many coins creating wonderful presentation packages. Additionally many people enjoy the intricate designed miniature figures in the shape of all manner of things such as: animals, ships, trains, windmills and landmarks; indeed pretty much anything you could conceivably think of.

Everybody loves silver products they make for wonderful gifts or just household commodities. For some terrific value visit where there are over a thousand items to satisfy all tastes.


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