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Introducing WIFI Mirror TV is unique in the industry


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More and more Mirror products have been put into market with the development of the glass control light technologies. It's a novel application of using luminous technology in glass, and this innovative product will lead manufacturing techniques into the new era. Such as monitors, mobile phones, TV, etc. Mirror TV is a new thing application of this technology. The mirror TV is an electronic device which functions both as a mirror as well as a television set. The mirror becomes TV with just one click of the button. causes the TV screen to have the evil spirit imaginary feeling, Having or showing lofty dignity or nobility; stately. The mirror TVs were invented to resolve the space and interior dilemma faced by hotels across the world. This is one of the great bathroom ideas to provide your bathroom modern look.

I can only see this magic TV in high-end hotel, they can now be found at homes too. People in order to improve the quality of life in the bathroom and close to enjoy the elegant life. Install Mirror TV in the bathroom is not a difficult task with cost of plating mirror reduction. This TV consists of both a LCD display and a mirror, by polarizing the mirror is transferred to images with the help of special lamination. And when the TV is switched off, the mirror starts its function.

These TVs nowadays come with high definition technologies that further enhance the viewing experience. The latest innovative feature of the mirror TV is that it with WIFI function, You can go online anytime, anywhere. The new Mirror TV product is being developed and produced by Luxurite. Wireless-device 802.11bor 802.11b/g wireless lan (with the IntelPRO/Wireless web solution of Intel CentrinoTM calculated techs) are sufficient to meet your Internet needs. Luxurite engineers designed the Mirror TV is more perfect, ultra-thin With the emergence of LED display. The new TV uses the most advanced embedded installation and waterproof structure, so that it can not only be installed in the bathroom, but also can be embedded in the bathroom cabinet, It is unique in the industry.

LUXURITE Televisions were well-known brands in the United Kingdom, the U. S. , Canada, Australia, India and New Zealand. luxurite Creators of the new-age TV, are experts in research, development, sales and manufacture of superior quality Audio and Video Appliances including: Waterproof TV, Kitchen TV, Glass TV, mirror tv, bathroom tv, Mirror TV , Commercial Advertisement TV. For details visit

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Short Sleeves Insights- Mirror, Mirror, Is That Me I See?
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