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Elmo Live - The Next Big Thing?


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The Elmo toys have always been a hit for kids who love the furry red monster and appreciate Sesame Street, where Mr. Elmo lives and plays with his friends. The question on everyone's mind is if this new addition to the Elmo toys is going to be as big as some people say, or a flop with kids and adults alike?

It Sits! It Stands! It. . . sings? The minute that Elmo starts doing his thing, you're going to be impressed. The voice is spot on and surprisingly clear, considering it's coming from a toy. The best part about the talking experience is that his mouth is almost exact with the words he's saying - it's like you have your own personal Elmo in your living room. But that's not all the moving Elmo Live does. While enthralling you with stories, antics, and songs, he'll move his arms to accent the point he's trying to make, as well as stand up and sit down when he feels like it (On his included stool, of course). As he's sitting, don't be surprised if you see him cross his legs, and switch positions at a moments notice. All of this real interactions give him the feeling of being so much more than just a toy. He's like a little friend that you can put away when you're done.

Easy to Use Elmo Live is simple to get going, and there's no complicated instructions needed. Squeeze his nose for silly noises and amusing questions ("Do you have my nose? Give it back!"), squeeze his hand and he'll dance with you, and press his foot so he'll sit on his stool and tell you a story. He can tell jokes, be ticklish, blow you a kiss, tell you he loves you, and even ask for a hug, if the mood strikes him. Don't worry about leaving him on, either. If you haven't played with him in a while, Elmo will yawn, inform you that he's tired, and go into a battery save mode. Just press a button to wake him up!

But Is He Funny? Most of the talking toys out there spout one or two phrases, and after a few days, you'll set him in the closet and forget about him. Don't count on forgetting about this guy. Elmo works with interactions, and needs them really get the jokes and humor across. Kids and adults were laughing at his stories, and his songs will make you smile before you realize it. Younger children will appreciate realizing they can make their favorite friend come to life, and the noises that he can make will keep them at his side for a while, though admittedly the stories will have their attention elsewhere. However, older children will thoroughly enjoy not only the true interaction elements he has to offer, but the amusing stories and jokes that he will spout.

Overall There's no real way to predict if a toy is going to be must have until it's here and sold out, but we getting one soon. . . if anything is going to be popular this year, it's going to be the impressively programmed and flawlessly executed Elmo Live.

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