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Benefits of Ped Egg


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When was the last time you ran your fingers over the sole of your feet? How often did your finger trace hard uneven patches of dry, dead skin, which more often than not attracts a lot of dirt in its cracks?

Poor feet! If there is any human organ that takes as much wear and tear it is the feet. First of all, it carries your weight. Then it has to negotiate the surface you walk on. Slip inside those dainty stilettos during parties or boots during treks or just normal shoes on a regular working day? How much time a month do you spare for your feet but Ped Egg a revolutionary way out? With Ped Egg, you can give your feet a sprucing up and a spa anytime you feel like, and it will not take you much time either.

Ped Egg is a window to that vanishing trick, that won't cost you much, but will do a great job never the less. Ped Egg is like none of those peelers or scrapers, which cause more hurt than good. Instead Ped Egg come in form of an egg which is designed in such a way so as to slip and fit snugly into your palm, eliminating the chances of a shaky grip and hence a wound.

In fact Ped Egg is completely safe form diabetics because it simply eliminates the possibility of a wound. It is designed to be 100 per cent safe. What with the 135 stainless steel files placed at a strategic angle so they can scrape even the toughest calluses on your foot with the simplest of ease. And do not be shocked to see nothing on the floor, when you reach out to clear the dust or the crushed remains of your calluses. Voila! Ped Egg is almost like magic. What Ped Egg actually does is catch the shavings and remains and trap it inside the device so that it does not cause an unhygienic mess around the house.

Just think back as to how much you would normally spend on a pedicure? $25? $40? One simple investment in a Ped Egg for almost half the money can ensure that you save a lot of money which you would normally on ‘Pedi curing’ your feet because a sturdy body fitted with stainless steel blades mean that the Ped Egg lasts you for a long, long time. Using a Ped Egg isn't exactly rocket science.

You have used a cheese grater in the kitchen right? All you really need to do is this. Imagine you foot as a block of cheese and run the Ped Egg over it gently and let the steel do the trick. A few minutes is all it takes to do the job. And with the dry skin collected efficiently in the casing, you need not worry about sweeping the floor for any remains. That has been taken care of too. Feet after all are what we all stand on. The fitter and healthier they are, the better it is for us.

Christopher Schwebius is an entrepreneur who seeks out sharply defined, specifically focused topics to research. Upon finishing his research he provides relevant, un-biased information to his readers based on his discoveries and/or personal experiences.

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