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Rocket Chinese - A Review of the Language Learning Program


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Learning a new language is exciting as it opens up a whole new world for you to experience. With China expanding its reach throughout the world, many people are interested in learning Chinese. It is a fun language to learn, however, it can be difficult, and many times frustrating, it you are not learning in a proper environment or with the proper program. There are various Chinese language learning programs available, but how do you know which one provides the necessary tools to help you learn the language?

The Rocket Chinese language learning program was created by Rocket Languages LTD to help people learn Chinese. The program is made up of 5 components that provide a solid foundation for learning and understanding Chinese. The first component, and one of the most important, is a set of interactive audio courses that teach conversational Chinese. The courses are split into 31 segments each 25 minutes long. The short time period of the lessons provides an ideal introduction to the language and teaches the words and phrases needed to communicate in Chinese. You learn how to greet others, ask for directions, order food in a restaurant, and much more. The segments also come with a transcript, which helps in following along.

The interactive audio lessons are important as they not only help you learn how to say each word and phrase, they help you understand those words and phrases when others are speaking. This is one of the keys to learning a new language, and Rocket Chinese provides an ample amount of audio lessons.

In addition to the interactive audio component, there is the MegaAudio software game. This game continues your understanding of Chinese by having over 1000 words and phrases spoken to you. Your goal in the game is to match the phrase to the pictures and text clues that are provided. The game keeps score each time you play, which helps you see the progress you're making. It's a quick, easy and fun way to reinforce and help you understand what you have learned.

The non-audio components of the software, which includes grammar and cultural lessons, a vocabulary builder, and Chinese learner's support forums complete your training in the program. All three components increase your understanding of the Chinese language and are helpful in your studies of Chinese.

Overall, Rocket Chinese is a robust language learning program offering several components to help you learn Chinese. While the major learning comes from the audio portions of the program, you will gain a complete understanding using all components.

You don't need to be frustrated when learning Chinese! You can read a full review of each component of the Rocket Chinese program by visiting .


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Learning Chinese - A fascinating, artistic and beautiful language with a rich ..
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