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A Review of My Dyson DC25 Vacuum and How it Compares to the Oreck


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This past weekend I bought a new Dyson, the DC25 model specifically. I'd been researching them d tofor a while and came up with this as the best option for my home. Here's my review.

I used to have an Oreck, but it belonged to my sister so I returned it to her. I like the Oreck, it was lightweight, simple to use, easy to push (not self propelled) but had no attachments. Stairs were a little tougher to do.

The Dyson appeale me. The price tag on the DC25 is $499, I'm cheap so I waited for a 20% off coupon to a popular home store and purchased it using that, saving me $100. Putting it together was about 3 steps. The instruction book is pretty simple to follow, it's mostly pictures, not much text.

The on/off button is in the middle of the unit requiring it to be pushed with your hands instead of your feet. I can used to that. The plug on mine is upside down so everytime I plug it into an outlet I have to turn it over. It's one of those plugs with one side's prong being larger than the other, but compared to where the clasp is on the plug, I think it's upside down. Not a big deal.

The DC25 weighs about twice as much as the Oreck did. Still not super heavy, I can easily get it up and down stairs. It's quieter than I expected. It's also not self propelled. When pushing the DC25 on regular carpet it works about the same as the Oreck. On large area rugs the Dyson is much harder to push, but still works. On small door rugs it really doesn't work at all. With the beater bar running it sucks the rug into the bar, with the beater bar off, it really doesn't seem to work, just gets bunched up in the rug. This maybe improved if I put a mat under the rug to help hold it in place on the hardwood floor.

Edging is pretty good. It seems to get more along the room's edge than the Oreck did, although still not perfect. I still need the attachments for it. It definitely sucked up gunk from my floor. After doing 3 rooms the canister was full and I needed to empty it. The design is nice, but some of the fuzz/hair that it sucked up got stuck in the canister and I still had to reach into it to get the rest out. I handled it.

I had read about some concerns over the Dyson sucking out the carpet fibers and reducing the life of the carpet. I have a room with purple carpet and figured this was a perfect test. After vacuuming I did see some stuff with a very light purple hue to it. It was definitely carpet fibers. There were not a lot of them, and it could have been just loose fibers that were already out and needed to be picked up. Future vacuuming sessions will determine if the Dyson is truly pulling them out of the carpet unnecessarily.

The attachments are onboard and pretty simple to get to. The hose is rather stiff, but over time this will probably loosen up.

Overall I'd give it 4 1/4 stars, I think once I'm used to it I'll like it even more. I have someone help clean my house once in a while, I'll write a review about her thoughts on it when she's had a chance to use it.

I hope this review was helpful. For more information on dyson vacuum comparisons and reviews please visit


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Reconditioned Dyson Vacuum - Tips to Known Before Purchasing
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